Acura TL – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 6 Nov, by Inimrepus. Model: Acura TL. File size: MB. Find detailed technical information on your Acura TL’s operation & maintenance, including online owner’s manuals & guides. Owner’s Manual. Select the appropriate Year, Model and Publication of your Honda to view detailed information about your vehicle, maintenance tips and.

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Both have delivered many many many almost completely trouble free miles. Just for giggles, I went to the Acura site.

The whole 45 minutes they denied everything. And it is a big improvement over the previous one, but nothing like the gen. Please, Hondas break as much as any other car. Thank you mcs and thesal. Just listen to this TL pull away from a stop. Want to be the first.

Maintenance Calculator

The interior is super comfortable and I prefer multiple buttons over menu driven idrive. All seating positions have three point belts, while outboard passengers have side curtain airbags. Say Hello to User Taggingl – Click here to learn more! And then you run up against the not-so-good changes. If servjce lasts as well as my 98 3. I used one for several weeks as a loaner.


You are more than welcome. It competes more closely with the TSX. This manual is published by.

Official 2012 acura tl service manual

Echild, I think the point is that they have conflicting goals. The only one I ever had 05 Odyssey ended up in lemon law court for issues which began the day after I bought it new.

But at least its engine was quite nice. Remeber distance does not matter.

Acyra think Honda deserves much more credit then they receive for the parts commonality they are able to maintain across vehicle lines. Mike, just being honest. The seats are comfortable and supportive. Acura, what is that about? I did not think srvice opened hoods anymore. Acuta gave the engine its due. I liked the car well enough that I bought it instead of the i I was looking at also.

For the pointy ends have been blunted and the grille genericized, yielding a blander exterior that, while still not likely to inspire lust, should at least blend safely into the crowd.

In fact, I think I have seen more of those on the side of the road than any other brand. And, it will be reliable well into the midmile mark. X Newsletter Sign Up. The front and rear ends have been wervice, and there are new and inch wheel designs. Jesus guys — I am almost done with this. It does not understeer at all when accelerating out of corners.


Ownership Experience

Delivery time is approximately five weeks. My wife is looking for an AWD sedan in this price range and is favoring the Infiniti right now. Inside, the navigation system now has 60 gigabytes of storage and map coverage is more expansive.

Your AWD will perhaps feel better in corners, but it could feel even better if it was programmed to have more rear bias. While you may think this is a waste of money, it is actually quite economical. But there is a lot of chatter on the fan sites regarding servicing. This is the most expensive car I have ever purchased. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information.

Zeke, in my experince, S4 tends to understeer quite a bit more than the TL. Why are we excluding the A4 Quattro 2. I have such a bad experience with Acura and their service.

Acura may have servuce reputation for reliability but the lack of any real respect for its designs or brand makes its prices absurd. Even with those, VERY stable in snow.