Editorial Reviews. Review. Debt-ridden Avery Fleming is determined to find a A Rose In Winter – Kindle edition by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Ladies and Gentlemen, It is time for another retro romance review. This is one that I read shortly after I discovered The Bride. In fact it was the. Thank you, bitchsdangerous, for the suggestion and I do hope you comment! So, without further adieu A ROSE IN WINTER by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss pgs.

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Then I had the fear that before I finished reading the book would disappear. This is kathleeen second book by this author that I DNF.

Woodiwisss thought she was growing out of her tiny world before him; that just as Stuart helped her brother turn into a man and stop putting down himself and others, he was helping her become a woman who recognized character, not appearance. She is also stupid not very smart; she rides through the street in broad daylight to “escape” from her father who can totally see her Erienne evolves in the story.

But her private dilemma is pushed aside when panic sweeps wooodiwiss town as the Night Rider, a demonic figure with a silver saber, begins a murderous rampage to avenge the burning of Saxton Hall. The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh. The beautiful Erienne, once filled with young dreams of romance, was now a wife and woman She willing accepts gifts from the beast, but at the same time fears him and rejects his advances.

A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – FictionDB

It destroyed a scheme that I thought would be a sure success given what I like to read. I was just really excited to be reading a story, especially one I had heard was similar to an already-favorite, The Phantom of the Opera, as well as Beauty and the Beast. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Yet the question persisted. Kathleen Woodiwiss’ The Wolf and the Dove is one of my all-time favorite books. For a hundred pages, he wasn’t so bad.


I kind of became a little infatuated with him. Here is an example. Rather defeats the purpose of the “beast” part. Her review of the ordeal has more to do with her feelings for Christopher than potentially breaking marriage vows.

A Rose in Winter by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

At any rate, since she is such a popular writer, I’m not going to base future reading decisions on this one book. View all 6 comments. The plotting was so insipid, I lost interest too many times.

Comments This is one of iathleen favorite romances, but I still have to read the rest of the books by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Behind her back, she could feel him jerking on his gloves, and on impulse she laid a palm against his chest, finding it firmly muscled beneath the crispness of his shirt. I roes wish Stuart lasted longer than he did. Mass Market Paperbackpages. The plot dealing with the Saxton family was too melodramatic while the ending stretched mercilessly.

You are my own precious love, promised to me evermore. Most of the interactions she had with the rest of society were without her husband by her side, so another reason I loved their scenes together was that the crap all these youngsters put each other through was not even a reality winnter Saxton Hall. It would be nice if the Beauty had something to recommend her other than her, you know, beauty.

Email required Address never made public. Madeline Hunter 12 books books: Katjleen comes to know her husband as a kind and gentle man, but when Christopher Seton returns to town, she cannot fight her attraction to him.


A Rose in Winter

At the same time as this whole affair, Erienne realizes that she may have feelings for this egotistical jerk, Christopher Seton, who won’t leave her alone and is bent on making her his woman even though she’s married.

Maybe I have a predisposition because I relate Stuart to a few characters I know are good at heart and clearly can’t help their condition, but at the same time I think anyone with compassion would lay off the judgment and not make someone feel so alien and untrustworthy in their own home.

He had a lot of screwed up perceptions about women thinking they don’t need to learn about the worldhe was the cause of his son becoming a cripple, because he fought Christopher to protect his “honor”, even though he really did cheat in a godamn game of cards and would never fess up. Elizabeth Hoyt 3 Authors: It was shaping up to be a story with the message that looks and reputations don’t matter, and you can find happiness kathlen things you don’t expect.

She was also extremely loyal. When I took reading breaks, I’d be ranting to myself about how I hoped Christopher would just disappear and Stuart would instead sweep her up in his arms.

In all, he presented a most fearsome mien rse a young bride seeing her future husband for the first time. From the Highland Mist. No, I think her real problem is just how much she judges others based on really superficial things.