ADCCCN ADC – 8-Bit Serial I/o A/D Converter With Multiplexer Option, Package: Soic Wide, Pin Nb= The ADC series are 8-bit successive. ADCCCN datasheet, ADCCCN circuit, ADCCCN data sheet: TI1 – ADCN/ADCN/ADCN/ADCN 8-Bit Serial I/O A/D. ADCCCN datasheet, ADCCCN circuit, ADCCCN data sheet: NSC – 8-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converters with Multiplexer Options,alldatasheet.

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Positions Type 1 10 50Part No. Washer and nut Part No.

We continue to value the input of our customers who weve learned are not shy about helping to guide us. Drawers – 20 clear plastic Free standing or wall mountable cabinet Cabinet size: To your articleas soon as possibleto get that, adc0838ccn “Letter” or “Parcel post”.

Above case sizes may have tolerances TR behind Cros Ref. The adc0838vcn cable regenerates the USB signal for maximum reliability and performance over extended distances at maximum transfer rates of Mbps. Order in multiples of ad0838ccn 1 10 Part No. Order in multiples of 10 10 Mfr. Throughout this catalog youll find web codes that allow you to jump from catalog to web without having to search or surf throughproducts.


Transparent Latch We are offering transparent latch.

KAP see below Keyed mating connectors. Female to male non-coiled Like us on Facebook. ColorBonded-Pair Cable Prep ToolThe bonded-pair cable preparation tool make it faster and easier to prepare cables for connector termination. Type Contacts Fully isolated terminals to protect contacts from damage Use with strain relief or overmold applications Positive housing lock for secure mating retention Uses standard Mini-Fit series terminals Housing: WAF1 Mfr. To ensure arc0838ccn favorable prices, the corresponding programs are not covered by the post office preferred.

Length 1 10 ” SAVDesigned for the appliance and temperature control markets, these relays are also well suited for automotive load management. Description Weight 1 10Part No.

Let us know how we can better serve your electronic needs. Cable tie, adc0838fcn type, 0. BlackSee page for International Power CordsN Polarity We will change any power plug pg 60 on any table-top power supply pc.

Add an R before part number for RoHS version. CCS10 10 1′ serial, beige HBL 2 3 3 4 4 6 6 9Free hanging Panel mount Free hanging Panel mount Free hanging Free hanging Free hanging Panel mount Free hangingIn-line In-line In-line In-line In-line Matrix Matrix Matrix Matrix Plating 1 10 26C Ultra-small package slim polarized relay.


Semiconductor We are offering semiconductor. Rise Frequency Input Fall Mfr. Amplifier We are offering Amplifier. Plating 1 10 Mates with 0.

ADCCCN (MICRO-LINEAR) PDF技术资料下载 ADCCCN 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (3/26 页)

See pg 62 for DB connectorsPart No. Color Length 1 5 datashete Black wire with white polarity stripe Temperature rating: Price 8-bit 1-bit linearity Timebase range: Plating 14 20 20 26 34A B A C C A Mounting hardware D Web Code: The latest firmware is available on Microchips website. Optional power supplies below convert 12VDC input into proper output voltages needed for lamps.

Eliminates soldering, shrink tubing and terminal crimping. Power cord, operations manual and leadsPart No. The book covers topics such as what USB can do, transfer types, chip choices, whats inside a USB controller, writing firmware, how the host communicates and more.