“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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That influence aimed at a twofold result: Sinnetttwo volumes edited by A.

Leadbeater and Annie Besant seemed to be sinndtt the Society. Sinnett did not feel drawn to work for India, but threw himself heart and soul into Theosophical propaganda.

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Esoteric Buddhism

Lists with This Book. That idea would involve a serious misconception. Pari Passu, as he acquires knowledge, he must learn how that knowledge has been acquired, and he is einnett to feel that no fact is alfres knowing, unless he knows, with it, the way to prove it a fact.

He is beginning his long descent into matter. He was himself largely groping in the dark, and though most of his questions were answered, at first he little knew what to ask.

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Wikiquote

Finch, Sinnett divenne il presidente della London Lodge nel gennaio[9] conducendola per un certo periodo in maniera piuttosto indipendente dall’organizzazione madre, anche per l’avvenuta cessazione delle lettere da parte dei Mahatma. Now the fifth principle, or human soul, in the majority of mankind is not even yet fully developed. For the whole duration of the system is as certainly limited in time, be it remembered, as sinnetg life of a single man.

Though humanity is animal in its nature as compared with spirit, it is elevated above the correctly defined animal creation in every other aspect.

Spectral apparitions may sometimes be occasioned in other ways, but the third principle, when that results in a visible phenomenon, is a mere aggregation of molecules in a peculiar state, having no life or consciousness of any kind whatever. BySinnett had moved to India where he was ” Two years ago, neither I, nor any other European living, knew the alphabet of the science here for the first time put into a scientific shape — or subject at all events to an attempt in that direction — the science of Spiritual Causes and their Effects, of Super-physical Consciousness, of Cosmical Evolution.


The Golden Book of the Theosophical Society: Its views of Nature have been evolved by the researches of an immense succession of investigators, qualified for their task by the possession of spiritual faculties and perceptions of a higher order than those belonging to ordinary humanity. For it must be realized that the evolution of man is a process still going on, and by no means yet complete.

In this, for the first time, but only in the higher regions of this, is true individuality evoked. The elements of a physical body are all on the same plane of materiality, but the elements of man are on very different planes. Nelin occasione di un altro incontro tra i coniugi Sinnett e la Blavatsky, stavolta avvenuto a Shimlanella loro casa estiva, Alfred Percy ebbe modo di studiare da vicino i fenomeni occulti di canalizzazione con cui la teosofa comunicava con un gruppo di Maestri dalle particolari doti spirituali, denominati Mahatmachiedendole di poter instaurare lui stesso una corrispondenza per suo tramite con costoro.

Sinnett returned to the Theosophical Society in at the request of his Master to whom he was devoted, and the President, Annie Besant, invited him to become Vice-President; he accepted and disbanded the Eleusinian Society, reforming the London Lodge which was attached directly to Adyar.

He is listed in the England Census at age 31, as a Journalist, born in Middlesex.

Sinnett, Alfred percy

We say that pecy do develop these higher forms by intermediate a,fred, and that the intermediate links die out; and you say just the same thing. The stream from the spring, as it flows, is gathered up entirely in the beginning by the first hole, or tub A, and it is only when this is quite full that the continued in-pouring of water from the spring causes that which it already contains to overflow into tub B.

Then, finally, comes the human life impulse on globe A. And having stopped there we may now treat the enormous period intervening between the mineral epoch on globe A and the man epoch, in a very cursory way, and so get back to the main problem before us.


But till now, in all such cases, in accordance with the law of those schools, the neophyte no sooner forced his way into the region of mystery than he was bound over to the most inviolable secrecy as to everything connected with his entrance and further progress there. But just as the seventh principle in nature or in man is a conception of the most intangible order eluding the grasp of any intellectual thinking, and only describable in shadowy phrases of metaphysical percg, so we may be quite sure that the seventh Chohan is very unapproachable by untrained imaginations.

About Alfred Percy Sinnett. I know one native of India, for example, a man of European education, holding a high appointment under Government, of good station in society, most elevated character, and enjoying unusual respect with such Europeans as are concerned with him in official life, who will only accord to the Brothers of Tibet a second place in the world of spiritual enlightenment.

The Mahatma Letters to A. Under such conditions it is taken of course for the ghost of the departed person. All through these studies, indeed, it will be found that one process of Nature typifies another, that the big is the repetition of the little on a larger scale.

Sinnett, Alfred percy – Theosopedia

That consideration helps us to realize more accurately the passage of ordinary human beings through the long series of incarnations of the human plane. Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By the time they come again, they are ready for human incarnation, and there is no necessity now for the upward development of animal forms into human forms — these are already waiting for their spiritual tenants.

Trevor Barker, survive — among the most important of the many excellent books which have been written in support of the Theosophical Movement.

It enables the student to search Nature for himself, and verify its teachings, in those regions which Western philosophy can only invade by sinentt and argument.