Comportamiento del tizón temprano del tomate (Alternaria solani) en las condiciones del municipio de Holguín, Cuba []. Ricardo, N.S., Dirección Provincial. Evaluación de fungicidas para el control de tizón temprano (Alternaria solani) en tomate []. Maeso, D. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the. Se recogen resultados del estudio de la interacción de “A. solani” con tomate y papa empleando aislados fúngicos de Cuba, EEUU, Turquía, Grecia, Rusia y.

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Plagas y enfermedades del tomate

Compendium of Potato Diseases. Induction of bacterial blight Xanthomonas oryzae pv. Arthrospira platensisearly blight, mycorrhizas, PR-proteins, systemic acquired resistance, spirulina. It has been found that some inducers perform well when qlternaria pathogen isolates are used for inoculation, but not so well when mixtures of two or three pathogen isolates are used 8. Contact Us – Report a Bad Link.

Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Bacterial spot of pepper and tomato. Spot size mm predominated in all treatments, irrespective of leaf position Fig.

Topics in Plant Pathology. Todo el so,ani fue asperjado con alhernaria mezcla de cepas de A. Tomate Lycopersicon esculentumBatata Solanum tuberosum. Figure 2 shows older leaves to be more susceptible to the pathogen infections with more necrotic areas A and generally more number of spots B. Eur J Plant Pathol. Os tubos germinativos ressecados podem retomar o crescimento quando reidratados. The homogenate was incubated with stirring in an ice bath for 45 min, filtered through gauze and centrifuged The product of reaction absorbs at nm.


The experiment time was optimal for growing tomatoes, so that a low natural infection was expected. Universidad Agraria de la Habana. Seven treatments mycorrhizas, spirulina, ASM, their combinations, and an untreated control were studied to assess the plant enzymatic activity and response to the disease after artificial inoculations of a mixture of A.

The disease control showed by turmeric extracts and curcumin solutions was similar to cupric fungicide, but inferior to azoxystrobin control.

Similar experiments in Australia, but with potato in production greenhouses and a dose of mg a. The presented results show a positive effect of combining seed coating with mycorrhizas and ASM tomage once the plants are established after transplantation. The content of enzymes increased with time 1d to 10d Fig. Fire blight of apple and pear. L -1 was prepared and each plant inoculated with ml of the suspension with a 1-liter one-hand pressure sprayer after The level of fungal colonization begins to decrease at days, a fact whichis closely related to host senescence In most treatments, glucanase was notably the enzyme with higher level over 4.

Recibir un email con cada nueva entrada. The lowest percentage of NLA was achieved in the combination of ASM-mycorrhizas, while the spirulina treatment was the most affected Fig. The opposite effect was only observed in the plants treated with Spirulina Fig. Diagnostic Assay Validation Terminology.

Biochemical evaluation of resistance responses of potato to different isolates of Alternaria solani. Greenhouse aspersions resulted in almost complete control of Alternaria 27 ; however, its severity reduction was less impressive in the field.

Induction of defence-related enzymes and resistance by the plant activator acibenzolar-S-methyl in tomato seedlings against bacterial canker caused by Clavibacter michiganensis ssp. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada. All treatments with altternaria induced the highest levels of foliar enzyme activity after A.


They were grown at room temperature in houses protected with anti-aphid mesh and ultraviolet-radiation-absorbent plexiglass roof for 45 days.

Early blight of potato and tomato (Pinta-preta {Alternariose} da batata e tomate – Português)

Signal regulators of systemic acquired resistance. Controlling crop diseases using induced resistance: The reaction product absorbs at nm. Previous soil analysis of the experimental area indicated an average number of viable young VAM spores of Altednaria of the tomato cultivar HC were used. Despite the benefits of ASM, experiments in tomato leaf discs and different concentrations of A.

The overall average was In fact, ASM-mycorrhizas was the only treatment that markedly but not significantly differed from five of the total seven treatments, considering the NLA. En las hojas se generan manchas circulares o angulares tpmate a veces presentan un halo amarillo. As plantas foram inoculadas duas vezes. After allternaria days of inoculating the pathogen, the numbers of spots per leaf SPL were counted in three plants per treatment. Para controlar la alternariosis es fundamental retirar los frutos y plantas afectadascontrolar la humedad ambiental y emplear productos fitosanitarios que ayuden a eliminar esta enfermedad.

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