La máxima incidencia de Apendicitis Aguda ocurre en la 2da y 3ra década de vida NAUSEAS Y VOMITOS (MAS FRECUENTE EN NIÑOS). Apendicite aguda complicada na criança: antibioticoterapia em doses múltiplas versus dose única diária. Show full item record Departamento de Pediatria. leite de vaca, deficiência de lactase, apendicite aguda, uso de laxantes e antibióticos, intoxica- ção por metais pesados. A invaginação intesti- nal tem que ser.

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Acute appendicitis laparoscopic classification. Correlation between disease grade and intraoperative variables. Laparoscopic classification of acute appendicitis is presented. The relationship between the grades of the disease with the time of symptoms, operating time, length of hospital stay, infectious complication rate and antimicrobials use is verified. A classification of the disease in five grade was proposed: The distribution of the patients according to classification was: The mean time of symptoms high than 40 hours was related with necrosis and peritonitis possibility.

The infectious complications were greater in grade 4 and 5. The antibiotics was used as prophylactic in grades 0, 1 and 2 apenricite therapeutically in the others.


The conversion rate was 1. The laparoscopic classification of acute appendicitis contemplated all clinical forms of the disease, made possible correlation with the time of symptoms, operating time and length of hospital stay. It allowed also, to foresee infectious complications and to rationalize the antimicrobials.

A drenagem da cavidade abdominal foi empregada nos pacientes classificados como graus 4A e 4C. Nas infectadas graus agud, 4 e 5o esquema de ceftriaxona e metronidazol foi utilizado por 5 a 10 dias.

apendicite aguda pediatria pdf

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Acute appendicitis: computed tomography findings – an iconographic essay

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Ultrasonographic evaluation of acute appendicitis

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