The AquaForte SmartSieve with a micron screen, twin 4 inch inlets, gallons per hour capacity and a price of $ including shipping. A new breakthrough in technology and price level! Twin inlets (mm) Patented flow regulation. Strong Polyethylene housing. Improved edges around sieve. Has anyone using one of these sieves any feed back would be welcome, Cant find anything about them bar the basic on the Aquaforte website.

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Build a pit out of concrete block for 2 smart sieves and house 2 wlim dragon pumps. Can anyone confirm if this is happening? No I can not I aquafort got it hooked up yet ended up working all last weekend.

AquaForte Sieve Filters

Can I use 3″ concrete block to go down “? Im sure once I mount and adjust the float I could give a more definitive answer. Have you heard anything about this model by any chance? Advantages Plain gravity fed sieve filter for a very competitive price The pipe of the floating device pushes against a right-angled plate to control the flow Polypropylene housing 2 inlets mm, pump connection: Plus my sump pump float got caught on a ridge in the sump, so I had about 6” of water in the pit Spaun is the one commenting on one that he just purchased and has stated a new thread will be created for the installation.

I got mine plumbed up yesterday. If the drawings I am seeing are scaled correctly then it only looks like the weir door drops 2″ max so you really have to keep your water level exact or there will be flow issues.


K1 Micro Bead filters. A common problem of the Cetus Sieve. Velda Floating Combi Filters. Noything like the video. Velda Floating Pond Skimmer. Xclear Automatic Fish Feeders. Koi Art and Posters. This one is blue in color and is made on the cheap side, thus the reason for some dealers to carry them instead of the midi as there’s more profit margin in them.

I plan on plumbing the pump aquafoorte level with the unit. Linn Profi Automatic Fish Feeders. Here’s a link to the manual with more specs than the catalog: The sieved water is then taken to the main filter. I was unable to finish install due to inclimate weather. Did you go for the SmartSieve based on price or features dual input, etc?

Sounds like, in this application, you might find the new 10,gph capacity Zakki pre-filter Sieve the best option. And its pouring again today. Equipped with a micron stainless steel filter element.

AquaForte Smart Sieve

Square and rectangular containers are never a good idea for holding water. Yamitsu Algae Master UV. AquaForte Smaftsieve Gravity-fed sieve filter. Aeration For Koi Ponds. This is allowing for maximum flow and his pump is not keeping up with it.

And double the capacity. Blagdon Pond Monsta Pond Vacuum.

I measured the bottom of the aquwforte to the top of the sieve. I have a ball valve before the pump to isolate the sieve and pump.


Evolution Aqua Evo UV. I figured for the price I could almost get 2 as opposed to 1 aqua forte Looks like a well made unit. So I would get rid of the vortex and pressurized prefilter.

Equipped with a micron stainless steel filter element. I have no clue on actual flow. The problem I had was installing the foam bushings.

Polyethylene manufactured gravity sieve filter. I would consider using cinder block for the pit walls. Looking at the video first 20 seconds posted by Spaun it looks like the SmartSieve has the same problem as my Compact though and it might not be easy to fix on the SmartSieve?

Aqua Forte Pond Pumps. Someone also mentioned that the Ultra may buldge when filled with water and this was fixed on the SmartSieve which made me worried but the Ultra seems to have support between the sides see 0: There are braces built into the lower half of the container. I don’t have one yet but became very interested and started this thread to get some information as it is lacking on the manufactures and vendors websites currently.

I don’t see any specific info available on the issue Zac mentions about the variance of the weir position.