Arturius: A Quest for Camelot. Title: Arturius: A Quest for Camelot. Author: Carroll, David F. Link: PDF with commentary in the UK. Stable link here. Arturius – a Quest for Camelot. Front Cover. D. F. Carroll. D.F. Carroll, – Great Britain Bibliographic information. QR code for Arturius – a Quest for Camelot. The Theory: In his book, “Arturius – A Quest for Camelot,” David F. Carroll sets out his ideas that suggest that the great King Arthur of legend was the historical.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. After a long career as a centurion in the Roman army, he was promoted to prefect of Legio VI Victrixa legion headquartered in Eboracum present-day York, England.

Arturius – a Quest for Camelot – D. F. Carroll – Google Books

The exact origins of the name Arthur remain a matter of debate. Other accounts associating Arthur with the Battle of Badon can be shown to be derived directly or indirectly from the Historia Brittonum. Artuius chronicles make it clear Arthur was an historic person, so why are the place-names unidentifiable?

This is the one mentioned http: The list is inserted between the flr of Hengist and the reign of Ida of Bernicia. Retrieved July 6, A Quest for Camelotand by Michael Wood.

Britannia King Arthur: Camelon

Qeust 8th-century history describes Arthur as a warrior in the arturiux of Manau Gododdin. Name and email address are required. Are you available for lunch? Enter your comment here History of the Men of Scotland [1]. Malone’s idea attracted little attention for decades, but it was revived in the s as part of a theory known as the “Sarmatian connection”. Broomhilda on The National Archives to Make….


Details may be found here. This was probably due to confusion between Colania and the Colonia of Camulodunum Colchester. He suggested that the Sarmatians’ descendants kept Castus’ legacy alive over the centuries, and mixed it with their ancestral myths involving magical cauldrons and swords. Camallan may have been the crooked Allan River in Scotland.

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He does discuss Ambrosius Aurelianus as a great scourge of the Saxons immediately prior, [12] but he seems to say that some time passed between Ambrosius’ victory and the battle of Badon. This is the solution proposed by David F.

Views Read Edit View history. John Buckley December 23, at 4: Gaulois et celtique continentalLibrairie Droz,p. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: They are mostly placed in the 9th to 10th century, although some authors make them as early as the 7th.

Carroll believes camelkt Artuir ruled the oppressed Kingdom of Manau Gododdin during his father’s Dalriadan reign.

Historicity of King Arthur

Leslie on The National Archives to Make…. Bibliography List of works.

This book makes a strong case that Arthur was the son of King Aidan the Treacherous, who ruled near Manau Gododdin, in the South of present-day Scotland. The Legenda Sancti Goeznovii is a hagiography of the Breton saint Goeznovius which was formerly dated to circa [17] but is now dated to the late 12th to early 13th century. There was a recent TV show about similar archeological finds, on the Travel Channel.


It may be gathered from history that this was the Palace of the Picts. About a hundred years previously, George Buchanan had recorded of the same place that “some of our writers falsely imagine it to have been Camulodunum”.

The David Carroll book does not appear to be free, but almost 20 British pounds for the print version, or almost 5 pounds for a Kindle version. Gaelic was never spoken in Wales or England, but would naturally have been used if Arthur was a Prince of Scots.

You can unsubscribe at any time within seconds. Notify me of new comments via email. The same claim was made for Colchester a few years ago, but was rejected.

A Possible Location for Arthur’s Camelot has been Identified

Over the years, well-recognized linguistic processes would have reduced Camulodunum to Camelot. AboutRoman diplomat and bishop Sidonius Apollinaris sent a letter to Riothamus asking his help to quell unrest among the Brettones, British colonists living in Arturiuz ; this letter still survives.

Notify me of new posts via email. Carroll has made his book Arturius — A Quest for Camelot available for free download on the Internet. The most widely accepted etymology is derived from the Roman nomen gentile family name Artorius. The Roman Government of Britain.