2D Bit Rates. 3D Bit Rates. 4×4 bpp 10×5 bpp 3x3x3 bpp 5x5x4 bpp. 5×4 bpp 10×6 bpp 4x3x3 bpp 5x5x5 bpp. 5×5 . Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) technology developed by Arm and AMD has been adopted as an official extension to both the OpenGLĀ® and. Adaptative Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) is a new texture com- pression format which is set to take the world by storm. Having been accepted as a new.

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This makes it easy for hardware to tell textuer has to be decompressed to get at a specific texel, which is a frequent operation in texture accessing. Uses more memory than the compressed formats, but could be more suitable for UI User Interface Allows a user to interact with your application.

Using ASTC Texture Compression for Game Assets | NVIDIA Developer

Support for 1 to 4 comptession channels, together with modes for uncorrelated channels for compressipn in mask textures and normal maps. To store an alpha channel in a Texture, use RGBA16 bit compression, which is supported by all hardware vendors. Sorry, your browser is not supported. This is quite useful for improving compression quality. Please tell us more about what’s missing: Flexibility, with bit rates from 8 bits per pixel bpp down to less than 1 bpp. As shown in the previous sections, ASTC images have a number of variables for their formats.


This is the default Texture compression format for textures with alpha channel for Android projects. ASTC can also compress floating-point data outside of the [0, 1] range.

It is designed to be easy to integrate with existing hardware designs that already deal with compressed 2D images in other formats. More than likely, you will pick something in between. Most compression formats have a fixed size of blocks.

Assuming you pick texture compression that fits into memory limits well enough, layering standard compression on top can make a difference in both on-the-wire transmission bandwidth as well as on-disk storage. While many phones are higher and higher resolution, the visual impact of extremely high resolution textures may be small. This page has been marked for review based on your feedback. It might be a Known Issue.

With BPTC, you pick an image format based on the channel properties: Specifically, it has the concept of volumetric compression, where the blocks textue 3-dimensional blocks rather than two-dimensional blocks.

Sometimes that is accomplished with more RAM but more often it is achieved with native support for compressed texture formats. Don’t Forget Screen Size Historically, developers would either target larger desktop screens or smaller mobile screens.

The encoder selects color formats independently for each block in the image. If there is only one channel luminance onlythen the alpha will be 1. Take your textures, and separate them into groups of similar content based on the content categories in the next section.


Packaging A second approach is to experiment with different content packaging of post-codec content. Leveraging a large variety of square and non-square block sizes, ASTC delivers a wide range of derived compression ratios, scaling from 8bpp down to just under 1bpp, as follows: More compressionn See in Glossary or crisp Textures without gradients.

tetxure We recommend upgrading your browser. Block footprints are presented as width x height. It is well known for its use on iOS devices for texture compression.

Using ASTC Texture Compression for Game Assets

Views Read View source View history. Please tell us what’s wrong:. Aztc What is GameWorks? Block size WxH Bits per Pixel 4×4 8. So any individual ASTC image could have one block use only one channel, while another uses 3. Transcoding One alternate method that has been used in the industry is to compress assets with something like JPEG, tuning for a particular file-size reduction and trying to not trade off much quality.