ASUS P4PE2-X Motherboard Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. P4PE2-X ASUS Motherboard mainboard chipset základní desky Slot Socket information. ASUS P4PE2-X manuals. 8 manuals in 6 languages available for free view and download.

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Refer to the corresponding sections for details on these utilities. The edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image below.

Expansion slots 1 x AGP 4X 1. It is a menudriven program, which means you can scroll through the various sub-menus p4p2e-x make your selections from the available options using the navigation keys. Hardware Monitor If any of the monitored items is out of range, the following error message appears: If all the necessary files are found in the floppy p4pe-x, EZ Flash performs the BIOS update process and automatically reboots the system when done.

The BIOS information on the screen is for reference only. Bios Setup Program 1.

P4pe2-x specifications summary, Viii – Asus P4PE2-X User Manual

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The firmware hub on the motherboard stores the Setup utility. Advanced menu The Advanced menu items allow you to change the settings for the CPU and other system devices.


The BIOS setup screens shown in this chapter are for reference manul only, and may not exactly match what you see on your screen. Page 57 This allows you to enable or disable the full screen logo display feature. Pin 5 is removed to prevent incorrect insertion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plug. When the BIOS update process is complete, reboot the system. It includes brief descriptions of the motherboard components, and illustrations of the layout, jumper settings, and connectors.

Orient the red markings on the floppy ribbon cable to PIN 1.

Save the BIOS file to a floppy disk. From your Windows desktop, click on Startthen select My Computer.

Asus P4PE2-X User Manual – Download

Not Installed User Password: The CD automatically displays the Drivers menu if Autorun is enabled in your computer. What you see on your screen may not be exactly the same as shown. Locate the pin ZIF socket on the motherboard. Remove the caps only when you are connecting the front panel audio cable. When the system hangs due to overclocking, C. This item installs the USB 2. Visit the ASUS website for updates. Doing so may cause system boot failure!


If any of the monitored items is out of range, the following error message appears: The System Panel connector is color-coded for easy and foolproof connection. For example, you may want to enable the security password feature or change the power management settings. When you start up the computer, the system provides you with the opportunity to run this program.

Central Processing Unit cpu 3. Save the BIOS file to a bootable floppy disk. DOS environment Insert a 1.

P4PE2-X ASUS Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

Note the notches on the card golden fingers to ensure that they fit the AGP slot on the motherboard. Do this last option only if the first two failed. Copy the original or the latest motherboard BIOS to the bootable floppy disk.

Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying to complete a task. Visit ASUS website www. Detailed descriptions of the BIOS parameters are also provided. Information to prevent damage to the components when trying to complete a task.

Refer to the corresponding sections for details on these utilities.