Brunton transit compasses: instruction manual (15 pages). Compass Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual. Brunton compasses: instruction manual . Manuals and User Guides for Brunton ECLIPSE We have 2 Brunton ECLIPSE manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. The Brunton Eclipse combines all the tools you need for easy navigation. This unit offers three separate clinometer systems and much more. -.

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Sight object behind the compass figure The problem with this is that if the paint rubs off just because of use, they are gone for good.

It is not hard to imagine what I am trying to document. But, there is manuall and there is no way around discussing it. On the map, mark a start position with a “point” and a destination with an “X”.

It is a dangerous activity. Hold the compass level at your belly so you can look directly over top of it bruntn, point to an object, and box the needle. While these are both top end sighting compasses from two very reputable manufacturers, they vary greatly in style. Bottom line, is that I would have no problem trying to navigate with this compass at night.

Suunto The Suunto is very standard for a sighting compass. It is easy to visualize why bdunton will dampen quicker if you compare that to the traditional compass needle, having the magnet at the end of a long stick, far away from center. I am very happy to report that it had no effect on either compass. I like having it. In this aspect, the Brunton did not fare so well. The Suunto rocks in this regard.


And yes, glow thingies is a technical term! Grasp black azimuth ring in one hand, and the vial in the other figure 6. This is also my first nit pick on the Brunton.

manyal I will stick with the method described brrunton. Try setting your compass on a table or counter top. Summary of strengths and weaknesses Suunto Strengths: We will see if it actually means anything in use, or if I am just being picky. Hold the compass level at your belly, point to an object, and……and……wait a minute…. By the lines being on the outside of the capsule, and in a non-clear area, you are maual to use more judgment in the alignment. It is actually very slick, and reminds me of a gyroscope.

If it seems like I am being a stickler on this subject, just try to take bearings off the map some time and tell me what you think of it for precise navigation. By lining up the mirror line with the forward index line and rearward index line, we eliminated one type of parallax. This is my first nitpick on the Suunto. Rotate azimuth ring until reflection of blue orienting circle, 5. Draw a line connecting both marks. The Suunto utilized a global needle.

Brunton In this aspect, the Brunton did not fare so well. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Add to my manuals Add. It really is ALL black! Page 30 Figura Brunton Brunnton, we have a sighting notch for sighting on a distant object. Now, find the map bearing from one position to another. brnuton


The smaller distance lessens the parallax. Therefore, I think it is important to be able to use your navigation tools in the darkness. In fact, it is probably one of the best that I have seen.

I always feel like the map has moved.


July 17, Comments 0 How-To Articles. Don’t have an account? Both the bearing and back bearing can be read at the bbrunton time, in the same location, just by looking at the different scales.

This is where my real heartburn with the Brunton begins. Now, line up the compass edge with the line.

Brunton Cadet User Manual

The compass now moves up from the belly position closer to brunnton face. That is not so common in a baseplate compass, but it is awesome. Viewed from above, you can see that I was wrong. The result is that needle function is both fast and smooth. This eliminates one type of parallax error. The reason I am such a huge advocate of the baseplate compass is the ability to take a bearing from a map or transfer one to a map using only the protractor feature of the compass. The north arrow has illumination as well as the doghouse.

Suunto decided to not use a traditional looking doghouse, and instead just has two luminous marks.

Suunto The Suunto has an adjustment screw on the back, and a supplied tool on the lanyard.