ALCAD – 4. 1 or 2 point installations. For single-family installation – 1 point – or two-family installation – 2 points – you may draw up your budget with our kits. At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. CATALOGO ALCAD 08 ENG IGA :INGLES 10/12/08 Página 1. PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of.

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Accessories CM Male F-connector for 6. Multiplexing and diplexing bridge with high-speed male F-type connector, to combine the signal of the modules or for the distribution of the signal from one antenna to several modules. RD Alxad Used as a support for several terrestrial TV and radio antennas with short masts. Adjusted by means of a gain controller and a variable slope control.

They are fed through the coaxial cablefrom a power supply unit installed inside the building.

Tv catalogue alcad

Modulation in VSB vestigial side band. The MM multiplexer can be used as a mast splitter. It describes catakogo products for the reception and distribution of catalkgo and digital, terrestrial and satellite TV, and our Home Electronic products aimed at improving the characteristics of audio and video installations in the home environment. FAApplicationsRequired for feeding the modules of the equipment. The noise level is extremely low in order to amplify the signals without losing quality.


Connection to the antenna by means of silver-plated copper cables and to the coaxial cable by means of a screw terminal. They cover frequencies up to 2, MHz.

They incorporate DCpaths to permit the feeding of a preamplifier.

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CharacteristicsReturn path included from 5 to 65MHz. Ordersshould indicate the number of multiple packs and not the numberof antennas. This type of distribution per-mits the equalisation of the signal levels inall the outlets of the installation.

Applications ME In SMATV, MATV and individual installations it is used to combine the signals after amplification at the head-end of the installation or as a separator to distribute the terrestrial and satellite signals to different points. Catalogp increasing the size of an installation or installing SAT amplifiers for the four polarities of a satellite.

F-type connectors, located on the lower part to make installation easier.

For increasing the cqtalogo an installation or installing SAT5 Packing weight0. Applications MATV installations where it is necessary to generate an analogue TV channel with stereo or dual sound from the audio and video signal from an equipment that has mono, stereo or dual sound.

Easy assembly and fully compatible with the modular ZG and ZP amplification systems.

Consisting of a power supply unit, an amplifier and up to 6 transmodulators, which are mounted on a support frame.

Ventilator Ventilator for CP cabinet this may VE be required in warm environments to Units per packing1keep the equipment within its operating temperature margins. Installation as a terminal outlet connected to a tap-off or splitter.


Adjustment by means of regulators which control the gain at eachinput. CharacteristicsZamak chassis with metal side plates.

The antenna includes a matching transfor-mer designed especially for it with connection by means of a screwterminal. Designed for use in cable TV networks. Distribution in cascade from the first multiswitch, with 5 coaxial cables bet- MU ween multiswitches and a single coaxial cable to each TV outlet.

Thepower supply units are protected against overloads and short circuits. The equipment filters channels with high selectivity, regulates the channel level and, if necessary, converts the frequency.

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The logarith- mic antenna does not need a matching transformer, the coaxial cable is connected directly to the antenna by means of a screw ter- minal. Each filter has an attenuator which permits the equalisation of caalogo channels. Each band has a gain control and a variable equaliser.

For 16 polarities, two stacked amplifiers of 8 polarities are installed.

Enables distri- bution to up to TV outlets in a single line, with power supplied only at the head-end of the cascade. Applications Medium-sized to large analogue and digital terres- 5 trial MATV installations, in areas where reception is difficult, with large differences in level among the channels. The input and out- put test point permits the checking and adjustment of the installation without having to disconnect the TV signal.