Don’t Miss Out on Your Favourites from the PartyLite Catalogues. SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL LIST OF DISCONTINUED ITEMS. Hi. A list of the products being phased out of the PartyLite Australia catalogue. A new catalogue will be released on February 1, by wcurley in Types. Le porte bougie en pot Cleary Creative Pour en voir plus/to see more: www. lespassionsdenat ยท catalogue hiver printemps Partylite. See more.

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It makes the room smell beautiful and adds a nice, relaxing touch at the end of the day. Earth HourLight Your Candles.

Partylite 2009 Catalog

Some candles are parfylite good in an office environment. Monday, February 16, Candles and Charity. Don’t start a fire. I sell candles with a fragrance called Revitalise.

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Jar candles don’t cagalogue any assistance for those of you who hug candles, you’ll know what I mean and minimal supervision though, and I can’t stress this enough, you should NEVER leave a candle burning unattended. Partylite’s unscented padtylite will add a touch of elegance to your guest tables and your bridal table like no other candles in the world.


Reed Diffusers might be the solution you are looking for. Each night I would give the candle a hug and toddle off to bed.

Tuesday, January 27, February Newsletter! Call me to order.

Join me in the best job in the world. PartyLite is a perfect way to make your wedding and your reception special. Of course, you never want cheap tealights catslogue you want beautiful, clean burning PartyLite all the time! One was metallic blue and complemented the plate it was sitting on. If you want to give more than you’ve got, then I have an idea for you. I wish I’d taken a picture.

If you’re pwrtylite in your favourite chair, put one on the table nearby and let it flicker next to you. If you’re headed to bed, put on a nice Unwind tealight for 30 minutes and do some meditation before you drift off to sleep.

But when you add the crisp air, the dark nights, and being indoors more Expensive candles aren’t always good. If you’re partylihe a document, and can’t think of the next line, look at the candle and ask the candle what to say Give them life and then replace them.

You can see the smoke coming from the candle in the first photo. If you want to raise substantial money for a charity, but you don’t want to sell raffle tickets or make phone calls, I have an idea for you. Catalogeu by Wendy Lloyd Curley at 2: Suggestion for a great night’s sleep: Soot comes from this one no matter how diligently I trim the wick.

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Partylite Catalog by Victoria Membreno | Photobucket

Unlit Candles are a Sacrilege. I work at home, with the dogs asleep around me, a candle flickering nearby and the music playing lightly in the background. If you don’t have a show booked yet, call me! Earth Hour is happening at 8. If you are lucky enough to work in an environment where you can burn candles, I have two words for you: You won’t want fragrance around the food, so selecting from our unscented range will make your tables absolutely beautiful.

I put them out in some tealight cups.

In the photo below, you can see that candle is releasing heaps of soot. Book your Grand Opening today!

Email or call me with your order!