ChaLEAN Extreme review of the workouts and results plus a printable calendar. Boost your metabolism with these strength workouts by. [DOWNLOAD] Chalean Extreme Guidebook [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. [READ] Chalean Extreme Guidebook [PDF] [EPUB]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Chalean. Extreme.

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Also, I’ve heard there is a larger book out there too? Workout preferences for me are kind of cyclical, and at this time I am just not feeling motivated to do minute workouts of any kind. This phase teaches you how to lift heavy in order to build the muscle that is critical to burn fat. Looking forward to seeing your views on the program. Is anyone else just getting ready to start guidebookk Ok I guess because I haven’t had 25 posts I can’t add a link so just add a. I did start on June 1st and did my first day of Burn, I need my husband to bring in our bigger weights becuase 8’s ended chalan being too light for me.

Get ready to see new muscle definition appear right before your eyes! My email address is runwendyrun hotmail. Sounds like my tribe. Well, get ready because ChaLean Extreme is the ultimate fat-burning, muscle building, body beautifying program!


Burn, Push, and Lean. Love your site — thank you! You will be training one body part at a time for maximum strength building. Little bit bummed because this is not a complete set, I have all the dvd but the guide books are small pamphlets not the actual full books, so I am missing the body makeover calenders and the workout sheets. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

With her candor, wit and experience, she will teach you how to stay on track and obtain success beyond your wildest dreams. Glad to see your trying the Chalean Extreme program. New to Chalean Extreme.

Chalean Extreme by Chalene Johnson – Workout & Reviews – Best Prices |

I am looking forward to your reviews! I have decided not to weigh myself for the month because I think it would be too frustrating. I’m so impressed with everyones results on here- WOW, there are some really strong people! Originally Posted by purpledawn I have more pounds to lose.

ChaLEAN Extreme Preview

I even tried contacting beachbody. Hi there — not to add to the pile although I know I am — could I pleasepleaseplease ask someone from above to e-mail me the Chalean guidebook, nutrition guide, and calendar? All this included in workout: You will be working both your upper and lower body. We just got an LA Fitness down the road from us but since its packed I think working out at home is the next best option. Does someone know where I can find the workout calendar for these DVDs?


Maggie, I have recently decided to take my nutrition and exercise to a new level. It is a downloadable pdf that you can print.

I took the ebay approach to and only have the pamphlets. Do not ask me to scan the books however. If you develop lean muscle you will burn fat.

These workouts focus in intense, heavy lifting. I can’t wait, you all make it seem exciting and worth all the hard work it is going to take to get awesome results.

Hi Everyone, I haven’t had internet service for about a week and a half so I’m just catching up. There have been very few negative responses, so that is great!

Chalean Extreme – Chalene Extreme Workout – Reviews

I just ordered it a fwe days ago and live in Canada so they tend to ship slower here. If anyone could let me know that would be great! Healthy Eats and Kitchen Makeover: Really excited to see where I am in 3 months.

Shrink, tighten, and tone your tummy with two targeted ab routines for a rock-hard midsection! Gosh, am I glad I stumbled across chalwan website!