This data sheet describes the benefits, specifications, and ordering information for the Cisco Cisco and Cisco Integrated Services Router. THE CISCO CRYPTOGRAPHIC MODULE PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS. . of the Cisco or Integrated Services Router. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information. Page 1 of Data Sheet. Cisco Model DPC 8×4 DOCSIS Wireless. Residential Gateway.

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Cisco Integrated Services Router platforms Cisco,and provide the appropriate-sized solution for the smallest to largest customers, scaling to meet the most demanding enterprise environments while providing the performance and architecture for services available today and in the future. Indicates that the downstream channel is connected.

This sub prefers to share knowledge within the sub community. On the other hand, if you enable additional features or encounter packets which don’t hit the common-case fast path, you’ll see lower figures. Political posts tend to attract the wrong crowd and overly aggressive vocalization.

We are not shaping our connection, but I am considering that right now to see if that will help. Mobile by Morgan Little Oct 26, I’ve seen all kinds of crazy things in the field inhibiting goodput. This article provides insight into: Try a 5ghz AP with a 5ghz client. Want to add to the discussion?

Hardware Information – Cisco DPC Internet M | Shaw Support

I’m fairly sure you should read that as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap. Flash Memory Max Supported 33825. Unfortunately, most of the network was architected before I arrived so I’m punching a bit above my weight class here but doing my best to make sense of it all.


For starting value for MTU, try starting at 385 go up or down by 10 until it works, then go by smaller bits until you narrow it down completely. Networking by Shara Tibken Oct 22, Assuming larger packet size e. Would that be an accurate statement? Don’t ask us how to ciaco. Try for both wired and wireless clients and see if there’s a difference. Judging from the responses here I’m getting the sense that the issue is not with the Corporate Headquarters Cisco Systems, Inc.

For a real test use iperf on several machines at the same time and watch the traffic counters on the Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. We aren’t here to cidco your “advanced” video game latency issues.

For instance, we’ve set “ip tcp adjust-mss ” on the virtual interface for our internal LAN, which includes the wireless infrastructure. Small and mediumsized businesses now can deploy data, security, and IP Communications requirements in a single system that is easy to install and configure for reduced cost and complexity. So I need to confirm we’re not exceeding the limits of ourbut also figure out where to focus our troubleshooting time.


From personal experience with the routers, I was able to hit mb shaped with a You’ll get a response saying the packet needs to be fragmented but DF bit is set.

Cisco 3845 data sheet

If flashing, this indicates that data is currently transmitting through this ethernet port. Media Authentication and Encryption Media authentication and encryption features on Cisco’s portfolio of Access Routers ensures that voice conversations terminating on either TDM or analog voice gateway ports are protected from eavesdropping.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. At mb you could lock your interface at mb and be ok but for mb you have to shape, otherwise your performance will be bad.

Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. Any post that fails to display a minimal level of effort darasheet to asking for help is at risk of being Locked or Deleted.

Hardware Information – Cisco DPC3825 Internet Modem

What were your wireless N speeds before your upgrade? Please be aware that not all features listed in this user manual may be available, as some may have been modified or deactivated for Shaw customers. Page 3 of 11 Figure 3.