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The behavior of the EU and the institutions of the Euro zone call for an overall reaction because these institutions contest this freedom that is sovereignty [38].

Jacques Sapir : Mondialisation et démondialisation

Demographer Emmanuel Todd argues roughly along the same lines, though he continues to hold out for what he calls “intelligent” trade barriers to be drawn around Europe as a whole, if possible: It may be thought that one of the central problems of economic science is to establish the typology and forms of modes of coordination between actors who are both physically separated and interdependent [8].

It is, moreover, very interesting to note that economists who are ranked on the left on the political spectrum admit today that a treaty like NAFTA has caused significant damage to the Mexican economy for example [42]. And, perhaps, it is only colonialism by proxy.

Refresh and try again. We do not yet know whether Donald Trump will succeed in articulating a genuine policy of re-industrialization of his country, a policy that would benefit the largest number of people.

Montassar Ben Hadj Abdallah rated it liked it Jan 20, How should it practiced? This combination, not always happy, between the products of modernization and archaic practices, even between technical elements of various origins, is attested at length by both Soviet sources and Western witnesses [22]. From this point of view, the Trump administration should be credited with a positive contribution to the debate on the need to move away from widespread free trade and to rethink forms of protectionism.


This is particularly evident in the case of the European Union. This is where French philosopher Edgar Morin takes his stand. Has the capitalist system triumphed over the Bolshevik Revolution without offering any prospects to humanity? This involves a discussion on the methodological bases [9], field carefully avoided by the economists representative of the dominant economy, or “mainstream”[10], when they do not really seek to delegitimize any reflection on the methodology [11]. Declaration of interests Declaration of interests Declaration of interests Declaration of interests Declaration of interests Declaration of interests This offensive raises many questions about its relevance and the commercial policy that President Trump wants to implement for the United States.

The scientific credibility they claim to be is far from being indisputable, or undisputed. Jacques Sapir is a French economist, born in the Paris suburb of Puteaux.

La démondialisation by Jacques Sapir

Books by Jacques Sapir. If you go to Vladivostok in Russia, you are in a European city. By Philip Giraldi Shares. This project clearly has regressive elements within it. Menu Fermer le menu.

André Sapir | Bruegel

At some point it will be necessary to draw the consequences, drmondialisation all the consequences [40]. He went on to vilify the WTO as “an opaque, unrepresentative and undemocratic, non-transparent organization driven by a free-trade ideology which, wherever its recipes-liberalization, privatization, deregulation-have been applied over the past 20 years to re-engineer Xemondialisation World economies, has generated only greater poverty and inequality”.

This Policy Contribution analyses the economic consequences of a full-scale trade war. There are very serious reasons for this, which I explained in a book dating back to the early s [1]. To read about our cookie usage and our privacy policy click here. Serxius rated it really liked it Jan 17, Let’s Leave the Euro, It must enable us to understand not general laws, but the tendentious, local and particular laws of economic activity [6]. Ishino, Paternalism in the Japanes Economy: By Ramzy Baroud 3 Shares.


Valky marked it as to-read Sep 01, McKenzie Pintner et D.

The myth of “soft trade”, which was substituted for demondialiation conflicts, was too propagated to not leave a trace Paulo Bento marked it as to-read Feb 13, The pay squeeze has, in turn, diminished purchasing power and demand in Europe, hence the current economic doldrums on the continent. The idea is to “curb imports from what are now the emerging countries ddmondialisation remain entirely open to the poorest countries, so as to encourage the former to industrialize the latter”.

I am very interested in your work and I see you as a witness of the Soviet Union collapse.

Download PDF by Jacques Sapir: La démondialisation

By Max Blumenthal 35 Shares. The European Union would therefore be a colonial system without a metropolis. In a similar register of ideas, green taxation, which is rapidly gaining momentum, could also help deglobalize: No, mondialisation or globalization was not, was never, “happy”.

Others, by dismantling the power of the financial markets.