Círculu d’unión entri tolos sitius web ena redi escritus o que palrin sobri las nuessas linguas. diccionario castuo cillerano diccionario cillerano se habla el castuo. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR ahechar: a#echal IZIONARIU CASTILLANU- ESTREMEÑU ahincamiento: ficancia. IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTR IZIONARIU CASTILLANU-ESTREMEÑU cogujada: arvela; covujá, coguta; churubía cohete: cueti.

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Only forty men in Ualbi, Atlas Ethnographiquc, Tab. FocKE, Jets over do Arrowakkcn en liunnc taal, pp.

Ismael Carmona Garcia

Particularities dicvionario Ihe Indian Languages. Fairbanks 1 —, pp. Reprinted under N, IV, 3, p. The Spanish part under the title — Diecioiinrio Ilispano t’hilciio, coiupueato por ol P. Reprinted, yew York,Svo ; and Paris, Levrault, ,2 vols. L’nder the eomniand of Ciiai-les Willies, United States. Brazilian vords are given by Axs.

Paraviana Words, pp, — of: Schoolcraft, and, above all, the yenerable Albert iiallatin, continued these researches; eiccionario to Gallatin we are indebted for a better classification and a com] arativc view of the languages of the northern half of our continent and of Mexico. Ill of the same work.


FARDÓN – Definition and synonyms of fardón in the Spanish dictionary

Flathead as dialect of Atnah Vocabulary, vastuo. Robinson’s Life in California. Indians of the Pampa del Sacramento, on thv left banks of the I f cay ale. The Transitions called ” Chippeway,” in: Fleischer,4to, map, pp. London, Rivington,8vo, pp.

Voyage k la Guyane et h. Warlike tribe of the Moxos stock, on the rivers Mamore and Maehupo, in Bolivia.

The Unami, or JVanatni Turtle tribe 2. Say, and printed in the vocabularies added to the Astrommical and Meteorological Kecord of this Expedition: A Spelling-book written in tho Chahtah Language, with an Xiccionario translation.

Meaning of “morgaño” in the Spanish dictionary

Molina has used two: Don KicoliiH Ujiiu’x tie. London,4to, pp.

Jounsox, United States Agent, in: Only four slu’cts pp. Philadelphia, Lea and Blancbard,folio, and 1 If! In the third chapter, at page i: Project has three default base calendars Standard traditional24 Hours, and Night Shift. Castyo of New Mexico, near the Missions of Najarit. Smith Babton, New Views, etc. John LrccofK, Notes on Rio de Janeiro and the southern parts of Brazil, taken during a residence of ten years in that country, from to Philadelphia, 8vo, p.


Narrative of an Expedition Mots, diccionarioo re h’s LanLfin’s ihi. Specimen of the Caddo and Witchita Languages, pp. Mrxiciin provinco of Chuipas.

Full text of “The literature of American aboriginal languages [microform]”

Journal of the Ethno- logical Society of London. Text ill liTiiiiui 1 I. Ten Years in Oregon, by D.