Section 1: Using this manual. Section 2: Features. RD Receiver. Battery Charging. DSX9 Transmitter Features (Front). DSX9 Transmitter Features (Rear). Has any one got or know where to find a printable JR Propo Instruction Manual for the DSX9? I have downloaded the PDF file from the. Filename: jr dsx9 manual. Date: 12/10/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tempplen. File checked: Kaspersky.

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The plane and sailplane models have a push button. Installing the engine and radio systems. On DX8 you can tell your transmitter which switch is doing what PS, I see that the system cutoff parts of what I wrote as a description for some of the attached pictures.

dsx Spekky have downloadable setups available for some Parkzone and Heli models, transmitter porgrams set by the model designers. As the supplement wasn’t written by JR not sure who they would have taken the electronic file and passed it over to their printers. On the DX6I you can assign the timer function to any switch, I prefer the throttle cut button. And this was with DSX9’s with the mW firmware burnt in!!

This really is a nitpick thing though.

Apr 22, I just love to be able to monitor my flying batteries packs as to know when batteries are at low level and land safe. Power levels are only a small part of the requirement the power limits are established in ENplus there is the Low Voltage Directive which is encompassed manuap the EN testing.


Timer Would it be possible to use the throttle cut switch instead of the trainer switch? Remember Me Forgot Password? Jun 10, Danny, the DSX9 is not a modular mannual.

This is a Spektrum statement – not me saying. I have bought an electric model and a Spektrum DSX6i for my 12 year manyal son and am now looking to get a Transmiter for my self and a large scale model with a petrol engine. I’ve got it working in both a DX7 and an XP RPM is a option; but helps to keep you getting the best from your engine.

It gives a DX6i, DX7 or JR the capability that Futaba owners have long felt superior about — having the timer start automatically when the throttle stick is advanced.

G JR DSX9 9-channel DSM2 radio control system W/ R receiver,4 x DS Servos | JR PROPO

I’ve tested on the bench and it works like a charm. I think my DX8 is fantastic. The bottom is set as a stopwatch and it keeps track of the dsz9 time up, the upper timer is set as a countdown timer that turns on and off with the throttle stick amnual now. Jaro had been thinking ahead and had already done that.

Apr 11, Don’t discount the extra channel either. Moderator forum posts photos. Several pilots have requested programming information for full functioning dzx9 and while the DX8 does not have sailplane specific programming, by utilizing the eight available programmable mixes in Airplane mode, the DX8 can be programmed to accommodate most sailplane functions.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Images View all Images in thread Views: I hope this helps!!!

Index of /manuals/Radios/JR

Multiplex TwinStar II onwards by aidan mcatamney. I’ll change that soon with a simple single pin connector pair. Bigplumbs Keep building, buying,fly.


Namely to make the connection between wire 4 and 6 a jumper and eliminate the wire on 6. I think mxnual shows the glider capabilities and limitations. It works with esx9 count down or count up timer settings. Please feel free to pipe up or just say hi if you have just got one of these radios. Mar 29, That supplemental leaflet shouldn’t have gone out like that LOL The main difference between this version and what I originally bought was the extra jumper and the elimination of a wire.

Which part of building a new traditional balsa aeroplane do you enjoy the most? Please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions here. Hope someone can help settle a debate? The attachment point shown in the instruction manual is at the top of the loop the blue wire makes. As you can see I love my DX Horizon are charging c. Otherwise, I’m just a satisfied paying customer.

So I ordered the version from him. I have a question on this modification. So, avoid dead stick flying and again you may avoid a crash. If you are a techie gadget freak, you may like to look at t h i s.

It is the only transmitter I know that can keep being upgraded by downloading a file from t’internet. First class feel to the set and touch wood reliable so far.