Primary dysferlinopathies are a rare heterogeneous group of autosomal recessive muscular dystrophies that are caused by mutations in the exon gene. Although no specific therapies exist for dysferlinopathies, these disorders entail multiple pathways to muscle cell death, each of which is potentially a target for. The clinical phenotype of the dysferlinopathies is quite variable. Affected individuals usually present with early involvement of the posterior calf muscles ( Miyoshi.

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Other distal symptoms are difficulty in climbing stairs, ankle subluxations and foot drop. Sometimes the patients have to wear calipers to oppose the foot and be able to move around [ 13 ]. Weight control to avoid obesity; avoidance of steroid treatment.

Others with a mild course may remain able to walk for 30 years or more after symptoms appear. Muscle shows fibro-fatty replacement D. The Congo red shows amyloid deposits in the perymisial connective tissue, sarcolemmally and in the blood vessel walls [ 5859 ].

Fanin M, Angelini C. Orphanet J Rare Dis. Because there are number of conditions that lead to muscle weakness with an elevated CK level, a reasonable approach is psthies test a muscle biopsy for dysferlin sysferlin western immunoblotting.

Muscle strength improved after the study drug was discontinued. GeneReviews is a registered trademark of the University of Washington, Seattle. It repairs the parhies pathways which can range from intracellular vesicle trafficking and fusion to sealing breaches [ 675 – 79 ]. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. The molecular analysis of the dysferlin gene confirms the diagnosis [ 13 ].

  210 SUNDECK 1998 PDF

Mini-dysferlin seems to be the most promising treatment since it is has been proven that it plays an efficient role in membrane repair in vitro []. Experiments regarding transgenic mice in order to test whether gene replacement therapy is a good candidate for treatment have demonstrated that the amount of dysferlin is related to the phenotype pathiies mice have. Back To Disease List.

Dysferlinopathy in the Jews of the Caucasus: A new phenotype of dysferlinopathy with congenital onset. Individuals with LGMD generally show weakness and wasting restricted to the limb musculature, proximal greater than distal. Stretching, mechanical aids, or surgery may aid in that goal.

Miyoshi myopathy patients with novel 5′ splicing donor site mutations showed different dysferlin immunostaining at the sarcolemma. Then, abnormal asymmetrical bulges with the shape of a diamond may be observed on the anterolateral part of the quadriceps muscles and are made more prominent by the wasting of the surrounding muscles [ 40 dysferrlin, 41 ].


Because it is likely that testing methodology and our understanding of genes, allelic variants, and diseases will improve in dysferllin future, consideration dyeferlin be given to banking DNA of affected individuals.

For questions regarding permissions or whether a specified use is allowed, contact: There is controversy whether patients should practice sports. GeneReviews Advanced Search Help. The mean age varies from 12 to 73 years. Early contractures of the ankle have also been observed [ 48 ].


In the distal myopathy with onset in the tibialis anterior DMAT or distal anterior compartment myopathy DACMthe muscles to be involved are the anterior tibial muscles [ 11 ]. In Multiple Sclerosis dysferlin reactivity is induced in endothelial cells, being its expression associated with vascular leakage of serum proteins [ 7587 ]. The promising treatments by minidysferlin and exon skipping must still undergo more research and trials. Weakness, wasting and dyssferlin are commonly observed Figure 1 [ 133738 dysrerlin.


The pelvic muscles glutei, tensor fascia latae dysferiln the posterior compartment of the thigh adductors, hamstrings are the first ones to be affected. Clear Turn Off Turn On. Treatment of Manifestations No definitive treatments exist for the limb-girdle muscular dystrophies.

Cardiac involvement with secondary dilated cardiomyopathy has been described [ 4344 ]. It is ubiquitously expressed in stomach, lung, kidney, uterus, placenta, cerebellum, brain stem, spinal cord, sciatic nerve, liver and spleen and is more prominent in skeletal and heart muscles [ 1 – 33370 ]. Distal anterior compartment myopathy: Patuies cardiomyocytes the dysferlin seems to be trapped inside them [ 131447 ]. The muscles earlier affected are the gastrocnemius medialis and adductor magnus.


Its interaction with dysferlin and caveolin-3 rules membrane repair in skeletal muscles. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers. Subclinical involvement of distal muscles, identified by careful examination or ancillary investigations such as muscle CT scan in some individuals.

It is a binding protein which co-localizes with dysferlin and ILK integrin linked kinase at the sarcolemma. Miyoshi distal myopathy Miyoshi myopathy Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B. There must be a prominent reduction of dysferlin in order to affect dysverlin repair.