Die Elektro-, Wasser- und Druckluftversorgung der Stände erfolgt in der Regel aus Elektroinstallation. Anschlüsse . Eine Errichterbescheinigung von . ausgabeaufschlag fonds beispiel hör elektro mannheim. sonderurlaub todesfall schwiegereltern momenti hofheim speisekarte Submitted by wie folgt aus. Elektro-, Wasser- und Druckluftversorgung im Freigelände. Errichterbescheinigung von der ausführenden Elektrofachkraft ist erforderlich, wenn.

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If other drives are used, refer to terminal connection diagram next page. The mounting of the control unit has to be performed by trained, qualified and safety-conscious electrical staff acc. Die VDE-Vorschriften sind zu beachten. F auf den Minuspol von Akku! If components have to be checked, repaired or replaced, please contact the manufacturer. Use the battery pack bridge!

To guarantee a reliable emergency power supply, please check the used battery packs regularly and elektroinstallatipn them if necessary.

Mortal danger to persons due to electricity!

HAUTAU RAZ K Rauchabzugszentrale

Ziehen Sie die Anschlussstecker der Notstrom-Akkumulatoren ab. Make sure your shipment is complete prior to commencing installation. In case of power failure, the emergency power supply guarantees the operation of the SHEV facility for at least 72 hours.

Zentrale mit geeignetem Befestigungsmaterial an den vorgesehenen Bohrungen 9 befestigen. The battery packs will have reached their full operating capacity after at least 10 hours of mains operation.


To ensure the battery packs are sufficiently charged for testing, do not perform the function test until 2 hours after installation is complete.

Wir empfehlen daher einen Wartungsvertrag. Bei Unstimmigkeiten informieren Sie umgehend den Lieferanten. These include electrical fitters or skilled fitter with training in the field of electrical equipment installation. Pa 70 N L! Push the alarm button red on the fire pushbuttons again to actuate the system. D with the positive pole of battery pack! Meldereinsatz entnehmen und reinigen.

When using a rain sensor, make sure to observe the current consumption of 0,5 A. A modification of connections is allowed only within the bounds of connection options. To prevent electric shock, connect the earth wire first before connecting any other lines such as the mains supply line or any external lines. Always go from fire pushbutton to fire pushbutton, from smoke detector to smoke detector and from drive to drive.

NYM-J 3 x 1,5. Ensure a clear labelling of the wires of all components, which will be connected to the RAZ K, as well as the feeder wires of the power supply. Finish by checking all functions as well as function and operation displays on the central smoke exhaust unit and the pivoting range of the drives. Pay attention to earth the housing! Actuate with smoke detector test control unit; the LED red on the detector is lit.


Dispose of the battery packs in an ecologically desirable way acc. For larger cross-sections, reduce the cross-section immediately in front of the control unit. Never wire the components of the same loop in a star configuration.

IEC – Wikipedia

Verwenden Sie nur Original-Ersatzteile. Die Trennvorrichtung muss deutlich gekennzeichnet sein. Pull off the connecting plugs of the emergency power supply battery packs. In consideration of progress, we reserve the right to apply construction modifications and to consequently change any figures, dimensions, wire specifications etc.

Crushing and cutting points! The battery packs must be replaced no later than every 4 years. The isolating link has to be labeled clearly. Please notify your supplier immediately in case of any irregularities. Make sure to connect shunt and terminating resistors for central smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and alarm system loops. Switch on the V AC power supply on and slip on the battery packs. Mortal danger by touching cables that are live.

D und den Pluspol von Akku! Closing the windows and opening the windows in the event of an alarm is always errichterbescheinkgung. H to connect the negative elektroinstallationn of battery pack!