Written well over a century ago, John Uri Lloyd was a visionary who spoke of far distant worlds, dead civilizations, other dimensions and in particular, a world few . Etidorhpa, by John Uri Lloyd, [], full text etext at : Etidorhpa (): John Uri Lloyd: Books. Etidorhpa and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more.

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Vesuvius erupted inan Enquirer story noted that such geologic phenomena had already been explained in the novel. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Although the secret society is not eyidorhpa, the narrator is made to take an oath by raising his hand and repeating after a man who acts as his guide, “To all this I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to keep and perform my oath, without the least equivocation, mental reservation, or self-evasion whatever,” reminiscent of initiatory oaths of multiple degrees in Masonry.

In etidirhpa projects Wikisource. And for that reason, along with their inability to come up with accepted standards and practices, Eclecticism was attacked by mainstream medical institutions.

Robert Weintraub – December 20, If not for one trip up in the last three chapters I might have rated it higher, but it changed the tale half way through and the understanding of the whole journey.

Stated simply, you’ll know if the book is directed to you, and if something therein is meant to be discovered by you. Word circulated that its author would field no questions regarding its nature. Is this really possible?

Take a Victorian scifi premise, say, a trip to the center of the earth, and by the way, etkdorhpa hollow. Henson uses a word others have often uttered before in talking about Lloyd: Much of the novel is a running argument between the doubting rationalist and his underground guide.


Some considered him the greatest pharmacist of his age, a rare practitioner known far beyond Cincinnati.

One of the most strange books ever. It is weighty, at pages, and even the full subtitle takes its time:. Lloyd was a chemist as well as a writer so the speculation that he might have experimented on himself—and thus produced this book—is understandable.

Etidorhpa manages to incorporate the diverse interests Lloyd shared with the world, as well as the ones he hid from his neighbors. And she only appears etidrohpa in a hallucination. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Lllyd Policy.

This a quite a unique novel.

John Uri Lloyd: To Infinity And Beyond – Cincinnati Magazine

Inspired by the fantastic — in particular the art of alchemy — the author reveals in this long lost manuscript how he joined a secret society and was introduced into the sphere of mysticism.

His forehead extended in etidorhpaa unbroken plane from crown to cheek bone, and the chubby johh of an abortive nose without nostrils formed a short projection near the center of the level ridge which represented a countenance. Books by John Uri Lloyd. And then things go south. Augustus Knapp show the guide as naked but conveniently sexless.

John Uri Lloyd: To Infinity And Beyond

Victoria Moorwood – December 21, Mark Twain was a dinner companion, Grover Cleveland was just someone he went fishing with, and he was once commissioned by the Smithsonian to conduct a scientific survey of licorice in the Ottoman Empire. The book has wonderful illustrations by Augustus Knapp that look dated except for their fantasy elements. He follows her [science] as lovers, romance; and children, the rainbow.

Etidorhpa, or, the end of the earth: Real or not, talking to Henson about these matters, you begin to feel yourself slipping into a dark, forbidden phenomenological maw. The story begins in the then-present, with Lloyd waxing portentous in his private library, breathing deeply of the dust and books around him.


But there was a place for the ideas that he was playing with: And that with humility and the right science we can understand the universe.

The novel was published inand shares features with similar works that concern travellers exploring the interior of the Earth. On a cold day in February, John Uri Lloyd makes an unexpected appearance at the library that bears his name. Mar 18, Dtidorhpa rated it liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem?

A third member of this world, and the most important one to the story of Etidorhpawas John Augustus Knapp. And yet it deeply mattered to Lloyd. Then comes a Prologue in which Drury introduces himself. He was a driven authority on exotic plants and their chemistry; in his lifetime he wrote eight science books and published thousands of articles. Except for the titular Etidorhpa, there are no female characters.

Morgan made provocative boasts in the press that he had been paid an advance to write a book exposing Masonic practices. In he moved to Cincinnati, a complicated crossing during the Civil War. Fiction was a way to make an argument without having to stake your professional reputation on it. Other genre novels, such as Atlantida and The Lost Continentare driven by strong female characters.