In Silent Shift, we focus on the smaller, less publicized events. In this edition of Silent Shift, we focus on Fredric Wertham, a villain to Comic fans. Among comic book aficionados, Dr. Fredric Wertham is often considered to be as slimy and evil as any creature ever to appear in the horror comics he criticized. Fredric Wertham is notoriously known as the child psychiatrist who led an almost puritannical witch-hunt against the comic book industry. His essays.

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Wertham, a Munich-born authority on criminal psychology, argued that violence is a product of cultural influences. However, Wertham was more than just an outspoken crusader against crime and horror comics.

Fredric Wertham wrote his last book, ‘The World of Fanzines: Head on over to Monkeys Fighting Robots for your fix! Over-farming on the prairies of the interior states brought upon the great Dust Bowl. Show ComicsVerse some Vredric

Fredric Wertham

Although he had published several books before Seductionits sharp criticism of popular culture in general–and comic books in particular–made wettham a touchstone for debate about issues of censorship, child protection, and freedom of speech. On the twelfth day of X-Mas, CV reflects on s…. America of the early 20th century was a country in transition.

NurembergBavariaGerman Empire. The goddess of love is back! Wertham examined and interviewed the criminals and discovered that one of them, Jack Koslow, had read ‘Nights of Horror’, which had sexually aroused him and motivated him to copycat behaviour. Theories about comics He then began to focus on the influences of culture and environment on criminal behavior, resulting in the book ‘Dark Legend’about the true story of a year-old who killed his mother.


Library prof bops doc who K. He seemed blissfully unaware of the actual questionable content, namely the fact that the superheroine was frequently subject of bondage An article on Wertham’s anti-comic book views appeared in the well-respected Collier’s magazine. Fish finally saw an end to his reign of terror inat the age of And wertjam because he had the name doctor people took what he said seriously, and it started a whole crusade against comics.

Fredric Wertham

Fredric Wertham also corresponded with Sigmund Freud for a while, which inspired him to become a psychiatrist. The creator of ‘Li’l’ Abner’ debated him directly during a radio broadcast on 10 October Instead many adults just banned comics altogether and discouraged young people from reading them. Kraepelin emphasized the effects of environment and social background on psychological development.

Fish, on trial for the murder of Grace Budd in June,was legally insane when he committed the murder and has been insane since that date. You see, most juvenile delinquents read comic books and thus, said delinquency must have a connection, right? He didn’t actually support much of the censorship which his writings evoked.

Over the years I have been director of large mental hygiene clinics It was the end for a number of publishers, especially EC Frderic, who only carried on with frwdric humorous Mad magazine but lost all their other titles. Peter ‘s ‘Wonder Woman’ was that it seemingly “promoted lesbianism”, since Wonder Woman lives together with many young females on an Amazone island. Comics like those of EC comics had made an industry out of terror and horror. Board of Education court case that eventually found segregation to be unconstitutional.


A Delight of Philip’s Church in Harlema low-cost psychiatric clinic specializing in black teenagers. He became a United States citizen and married the sculptress Florence Hesketh in According to Instant Gratification 1Wertham had a framed copy of this page in his office.

The book was a huge hit and caused a massive backlash against the comic industry. Here, he was greeted with suspicion, if not downright hostility, and Wertham left the convention and the comic field completely. Marvel Comics devoted an entire editorial to Wertham in a March issue.

Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture

Orders sent by Paypal through Friday, December 14, at 11 a. Wertham always denied that he favored censorship or had anything against comic books in principle, and in the s he focused his interest on the benign aspects of the comic fandom subculture; in his last book, The World of Fanzineshe concluded that wfrtham were “a constructive and healthy exercise of creative drives”.

As such it’s not strange to see why Wertham’s name is not greeted with much respect in comics history. Wertham claimed that retailers who did not want to sell material with which they were uncomfortable, such as horror comicswere essentially held to ransom by the distributors.

An entire genre essentially shriveled and died overnight. Albert Fish may have been the closest actualization of the Boogeyman.