Baskı, mimoza yayınlar, 2) Genel Kİmya Temel Kavramlar, Raymond CHANG,. Clinical application of mechanical ventilation david w chang free. Wreck It Ralph . Genel Kimya-İlkeler ve Modern Uygulamalar,, 8. Genel Kimya-Temel Kavramlar, 4. baskı, Raymond Chang (Çeviri Editörleri: Tahsin Uyar, Serpil Aksoy , Recai. Genel Kimya, Temel Kavramlar, Raymond Chang, Mart / 4. Baskı / Syf. General Mathematics-I (4 0 4). Sets and numbers, absolute value and intervals.

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At the end of this course learner gains knowledge about chemical kinetics, equilibrium, properties of acids and bases, buffer solutions, neutralization reactions, acid-base titration and realted topics. The learner comprehends chemical data and related concepts and applies them to problem solving, and uses this knowledge ,avramlar the following years.

In this course acids, bases as well as reactions in aqueous solutions are discussed.


Principles of chemical equilibrium and principles of temwl are also tought. Electronic conformation of atoms and type of bonds are revealed. The course ends with the basic principles of electrochemistry. Person Responsible for Information Package. Objectives of the Course. Name of Lecturer s. To be able to comprehend the rates of chemical reactions and the factors effecting the chemical equilibrium.

To be able to apply the acid base concept to chemical compounds, and calculate pH and pOH. To be able to recognise the thermodynamic rules which are suitable for a chemical reaction to occur in fovour of products.

To be able to define organic chemistry, and recognise functional groups. To be able to acquire the interconvention of electricity and chemical reactions and comprehend the daily applications of electrochemistry. To be able to use the knowledge of chemistry during the following years. Recommended or Required Reading. Genel Kimya-Temel Kavramlar, 4.

Raymond chang genel kimya trke pdf

Weekly Detailed Course Contents. Week 1 – Theoretical. Half life of the reaction. Concentration and reaction rates. Week 2 – Theoretical.


Week 3 – Theoretical. Week 4 – Theoretical. Week 5 – Theoretical. Week 6 – Theoretical. Acid strength and molecular structure. Weak and strong electrolytes. Week 7 – Theoretical. Week 8 – Theoretical.

Week 9 – Theoretical. Week 10 – Intermediate Exam. Week 11 – Theoretical. Week 12 – Theoretical. Week 13 – Theoretical. Week 14 – Theoretical.

Raymond chang genel kimya trke pdf

Effect of concentration on cell EMF. Week 15 – Theoretical. Week 16 – Final Exam. Assessment Methods and Criteria. Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes.