Eugenio Vaina De Pava, ” Albania che Nasce “, Catania, Queste parole hanno lo stesso significato nella lingua odierna albanese. Thot – Tat parlava albanese (1). -Prima parte- Il filologo romano Giuseppe Catapano, ha pubblicato il risultato di quarant’anni di ricerca in un opera capitale che si. Due nomi di piante che ci legano agli Albanesi provenienza riconducendoli in qualche modo alla lingua albanese. .. Thot – Tat parlava albanese (1). -Prima parte- Il filologo romano Giuseppe Catapano, ha pubblicato il. The survey “THOT SPOKE IN ALBANIAN” (Thot Parlava Albanese) is writen by GIUSEPPE CATAPANO Roma: Bardi, According to.

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Talking about Macedonians as Vardarska banovina is just very cheap propaganda not based on facts. All the best A sceptic guy.

Thoti fliste Shqip

Georgija had never called himself Gjergj. Dian It was written by authors of the work, this new article can be found and you can read. How yes no looks good but carefull about Makedonians, we dont know if G2a is Greek or Turkish from years occupation, i have G2a will be updated: Especially when they are dialing with a controversial new research, we can see quite clearly how they become prone to the phenomenon, that Albaense call the Greek-Roman neurotic disorder.

The noun supplement Skenderbeg is a pure historical forgery. What do you think about the idea of Italian scientists?

DejaVu There are topics on which issues about which you write can be discussed and may be new topics. Simultensloy that help the linguistic solution of the same enigmas of the Albanian language.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Messapic languageAlbanian cognates! However, what you write is very interesting, although unchecked, only if you think it is in line with this theme that does not wander too wide in relation to the topic. A,jane shendosh e mire. The word is however nor an Arabic word really, though adopted and used by Arabs as such. It was believed that Horus and Set finally challenged one another to a stone-boat race.


That’s right and nobody want to deny your prerogatives.

Not Macedonian Slav or Greek. Bulgaria lost the second balkan war, get over it, its over, macedonia is back into greek hands. Nella lingua albanese abbiamo la parola diell sole ; aggiungendo il suffisso greco os abbiamo dielos.

There are 20 full songs like these in the book, sung in a western Macedonian Mijak dialect. E kam skenuar tere librin, deri sa te fus te gjith librin me shkrim ne Computer dhe do jau prezentoj edhe ne youtube Qualiteti eshte pak i dobet por me ngutet qe te beje te hapur per opinion Gli altri Daci,albanesi,celti,germani sono indigeni.

Anonimo 9 ottobre It is good to get involved in the discussion because it will thus be better. There are theories that Albanians descend from the Egyptians. Author points out that the Albanian name Cham derived from the Ham.

Because Horus was God of the sky, he had in subjection to him the sun and the moon.

Come e’ anche quella dall’illirico,che per me e’ solo una teoria per alontanare l’albanese dalla realta linguistica. This is why Kastrioti wore Alexanders helmet. Please verify that you are not a robot. Remember that many times he was betrayed by Slavic people. No need of any further comment about this. They were not just hiding everything, but the worst is that they still are preventing any attempt to get to the truth behind the language.

Dear Greek friend, I don’t want to reply caapano to you, cause you might be even a brother of mine, we all know from dna halopgroups that there is an old part of us in the Greece, and it is not little.

Thoti fliste Shqip by Giuseppse Catapano

Set’s boat sank and Horus won the race. Perrallat fillojne pikersht aty kur fillon e te flitet per “greqishten e vjeter”.

I said before, no invariant knowledge, science is a dynamic, new research results and lead to changes earlier opinions, enrichment of knowledge and new knowledge. For that purpose comparing language giuselpe European people who are dominantly E-V13 and language of people from other branches of haplogroup E, e.

l’enigma della lingua albanese: La religione e gli dei dei Greci derivano da quelli dei Pelasgi

I undestood very well your intention to write about the albanians. Your genetic theory is funny too ” Por albaanese nuk zgjidhet me ane te etimologjise ose fonetikes. Pjesa e sakte eshte do ta jap me poshte. Nje larmi tingujsh qe nuk i ka as nje gjuhe mbi toke.


Cospiracy is cospiracy, if there are documents coming out, the truth reveals herself. They were diverse in way of life and social organization, varying from the parlaba trade center of the city of Corinth http: This is because some new findings indicate that among the Albanians J haplogroup was negligible, and I will put it and we will comment.

The distribution catapaano Afroasiatic languages http: Why if we are nothing in the Ballkans, those guys found etymology of Sardinia with albanian, nor with ancient Greek, nor with Latin? Results 26 to 50 of Diber is Albanian populated place, the whole West Macedonia is Albanian populated, and even Skopje During the time of the Albanian prince Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, Debar played a major role in the rebellions of the Albanian population against the Ottomans.

On this question, if we follow Cruciani et al: They are most notable for their unique style of building and the extent to which old giusppe and customs are kept alive by Mijaks.

Now time to quote Minna Skafte: In more Cushitic language word or Il, Ili or similar means eye. Son sonila Toht kralica son sonila od son se isplasila Mi rodila bela luta zmija So kriljata Epir pokrivala So glavata carigrad dopirala Kako zmija glava mu vrtela Take zivi Turci mi g’ltala Se chudeje epirski vojvodi sho je ova chudo nevideno Malo kralce, s kruna na cheloto Se radveshe Ivanova roda Brakjasestri i si cxtapano Sho se rodi dete zvezdajlija The emphasis now should be on sorting the facts and specifically the dates of the southward migrations of the Slavic peoples.