Angel Exterminatus (Horus Heresy) [Graham McNeill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Primarch Fulgrim leads his brother Perturabo in an . Angel Exterminatus (Horus Heresy) [Graham McNeill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The latest title in Black Library’s premium line. Angel Exterminatus Type Novel Series The Horus Heresy Author Graham McNeill Publisher The Black Library Binding Mass Market Paperback Paperback .

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Well, if there was ever a story to show the depravity of the Emperor’s Children, this one does pretty well.

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If only he could believe that of himself. Or so I thought.

Rudden, David July 16, Long has he lived in the shadow of his more favoured primarch brothers, frustrated by the mundane and ignominious duties which regularly fall to his Legion. Angel Exterminatus is a good book. Archived from the original on December 28, What do you know of the layout of this place? Fulgrim is especially good, and while I do exxterminatus the legion devolved into their hoorus selves a bit quickly, it’s fun to see a single primarch become truly evil.

The premise is quite simple. Retrieved May 22, Maybe meandering a little too long with the iron warriors, this book feels slower and clunkier but still the arc with Fulgrim and what horux is aiming to do here is well written, epic in scale and magnitude and worth reading.


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So, what to expect about angel Exterminatus? Hence why I chose Angel Exterminatus. Perturabo looked his brother in the eye for some hint of remorse, a sign that he regretted that things had come to this, something to show extermjnatus felt even a moment of shame at plotting to murder him. Several characters in the novel were originally introduced in McNeill’s Iron Warriors Novel Serieswhich takes place ten thousand years agnel, in M But with traitor legionaries and corrupted Battle Titans now counted among the forces of Chaos, the noose around the Throneworld is tightening, and none but the Emperor Himself can hope to prevail.

The problems and plot holes have only gotten bigger and more blatant as the book wears on. The only thing that was strange was that the book was physically larger than any of my other HH novels. Like a cloud of flies swarming two titans. I mean the book was the same physical size as the Space Exterminayus Battles series maybe 10×7 inches? But horjs is dwindling for an attack. Fulgrim wants his brother’s help in uncovering an ancient weapon.

He has declared an agnostic worldviewthe “Imperial Truth”, which promotes science, rationalismand human primacy. He unwittingly becomes the keeper of a secret that could decide the victor in the developing galactic civil war. Retrieved April 15, Second, a novel about what the hell happened to make Mortarion go the way he did, in detail like some of these others.


Reid, Calvin June 28, This novel further highlights the institutional and personal tensions that accompany the Imperium’s maturity into the preeminent power of the galaxy; they include rifts among the Primarchs, as well as both between and within their Space Marine Legions.

War Without End Heresy begets retribution.

Angel Exterminatus

But Garro is walking a path of his own, one that may lead him to question his own place in the Imperium Early in its publishing history, the series became a sales success in its category. However the core plot is set anvel motion by Fulgrim and the Emperor’s Children, who share the spotlight.

After the destruction of a loyalist fortress, Fulgrim shows up trying to convince Perturabo to take part in retrieving an ancient superweapon from the Eye of Terror.

Very recommended, but unfortunatly as we find ourselves deep, deep into the Horus Heresy series, at least the books which I noted as prerequisites are absolutely mandatory for this novel. The unauthorised visit is central to the story: Tales of Heresy is a collection of short stories introducing and expanding upon numerous threads within the greater happenings of the Heresy.

So many things to say about qngel book.