Putin’s Favorite Philosopher Discusses Fascism (Ivan Ilyin) This Russian Philosopher Believed Russia Was Made Great by Its Orthodox Faith (Ivan Ilyin). The Russian president’s favourite thinker is Ivan Ilyin, one of the intellectuals the Bolsheviks deported on one of the “philosophers’ ships” in. Who is Ivan Ilyin, and why is Putin so indebted to this marginalized Russian figure?

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The greatest threat to individual liberty, as shown time and again throughout history, is the expansion of government power. The New York Times. Which Aksakov is Putin?

But that meant that educated upper classes had a special duty of iva guidance towards uneducated lower classes.

It is now American life. Freedom means knowing your place. June 19, at 7: I cannot imagine what definition of fascism he is using to draw this conclusion. To do that he has to distort the past to make it fit his purpose. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This did not happen in Russia. There is the Aksakov who backed autocracy.

This section needs expansion. The lecture promotes a familiar theme, namely: He was not truly an academic or philosopher in the classical sense, but a publicist, a conspiracy theorist, and a Russian nationalist with a core of fascistic leanings. Nor was he a conspiracy theorist, let alone, as is suggested above, an anti-Semite. Russian TV and social media would create a climate in which news became entertainment, and nothing would quite seem factual. In the end he had to flee Germany.

He fears that under Trump, American and also European democracy may collapse into some sort of nasty fascist tyranny.


According to a letter by Gul to Ilyin the former expressed extreme umbrage at Ilyin’s suspicions that all those who disagreed with him were Jews. His father, Alexander Ivanovich Ilyin, had been born and spent his childhood in the Grand Kremlin Palace since Ilyin’s grandfather had served as the commandant of the Palace.

Ivan Ilyin | Russia Insider News

Ilyin’s position was different from that of many Russian jurists, who disliked Germany and Tsarist Russia equally. What do you do? Another major work of Ilyin, “On Monarchy”, was not finished. And skip over everything which complicates the simple story you are spinning.

Ivan Ilyin

I will cite here Ivan Ilyin: As a result, mutual distrust and iljin between the state and the people emerged. The alternative way of Russia according to Ilyin was to develop due conscience of law of an individual based on morality and religiousness.

However he was critical of the monarchy in Russia. He was also critical of many figures of the emigration, including Kirill Vladimirovich, Grand Duke of Russiawho had proclaimed himself the new tsar in exile.

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The first seeks the approval of a large audience, for which it requires a simple overarching and almost certainly exaggerated thesis. Continue reading Book review: During his life he refused to publish his major work About the Essence of Conscience of Law and continued to rewrite it. Snyder has a good idea. The result is misleading.


The likes of Fyodor Dostoevsky and Konstantin Leontyev will give you plenty to play with. This Ilyin an author I do not know may or may not be as evil and stupid as depicted, nevertheless it would have been much more convincing to actually use his own writings to argue in favor of such a picture.


At first Ilyin perceived the February Revolution as the liberation of the people. It would be ridiculous to claim ilgin they are all Nazis. There is the Konstantin Aksakov who supported centralized state power. Ilyin generally disapproved of the Russian Revolution of and did not participate actively in student political actions. He answered that the reason was “the weak, damaged self-respect” of Russians.

InIlyin moved for a year to Western Europe to work on his thesis: Lvan in the Kremlin. Infor instance, Putin cited comments by Ilyin about the need to limit state power; and in he cited a statement by Ilyin about the importance of freedom.

Finally, Ilyin notes that force tends to excite the passions and undermine the moral senses of those who use it. Snyder, however, seems to prefer simplicity to complexity, and so misrepresents both Ilyin and modern Russia. His thesis on Hegel jlyin finished in and published in Eventually, he fled Nazi Germany, an odd act if he was really a Nazi.

He became the main ideologue of the Russian White movement in emigration and between and was a publisher and editor of the Russian-language journal Russkiy KolokolRussian Bell. But to reach this conclusion he has to treat some sources differently from others. Nevertheless, ISIS iljin just a symptom of a deeper problem.

It is indeed true that Ilyin said some positive things about fascism.