H.J. Meyer; S.H. Chon; C. Voigt; M. Heuser; P. Follmann; H.J. Graff; G.T. Rutt; T. Appel; St. Schmickler; G. Geyer. H.J. Meyer. 1. S.H. Chon. 2. C. Voigt. 3. bare Sterbefälle (Sundmacher L et al ) und regionale Variationen in der Gesundheitsversorgung in einzelnen Seit dem Jahr gibt es den Katalog „Ambulant durch- schaftlich tragfähige Strukturen für das ambulante Operieren. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 % Ambulantes Operieren, Herzschrittmacher-. Kontrolle.

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The positive predictive value of the history was 9. If ibuprofen is used, dehydration must be avoided due the danger of acute renal failure [ ]. After the acute intervention the secondary diagnostic of a possibly not diagnosed coagulation disorder is also to be followed. A preoperative X-ray of the lung is not needful in children with asthma, decisively for the anesthesiologic course are the gravity of the illness, the actual state including medication history and self-assessment by child and parents.

A systematic review found that routine lab examinations deliver no additional information after a conscientiously carried out history and clinical examination which showed no pathologies which would decisively influence the anesthesiologic regimen [ 5 ]. However, the intravenous introduction with propofol and the maintenance of anesthesia by means of Total Intravenous anesthesia TIVA offers advantages particularly in the patient group of the toddlers and preschool children to ORL interventions [ 62 ]: Local anesthetics-containing cream allows a nearly painless puncture for the i.

The laryngeal mask airway for pediatric adenotonsillectomy: Assessing the willingness of parents to pay for reducing postoperative emesis in children. Preoperative fasting for preventing perioperative complications in children. Parents play a crucial role in the aftercare, they must be able to perceive disturbances and interferences on time and to initiate adequate steps. An important technique also for paediatric anaesthesia].


However, it operieeen be highlighted that postoperative bleeding is hardly ever associated with coagulation disorders [ 10 ], [ 11 ]. The higher the risk, the more antiemetic interventions should be used perioperatively.

Experience in pediatric anesthesia should exist or be acquired by hospitation with pediatric anesthetics. Notes Competing interests The author declares that she has no competing interests.

High resolution multimer analysis and the PFA platelet function analyser can detect von Willebrand disease type 2A without a pathological ratio of ristocetin cofactor activity and von Willebrand antigen level. Standardized questionnaire forms which are offered by different publishing companies can be helpful.

Anesthesia for ORL surgery in children

In addition, routine examinations are little sensitive and specific, i. Implementation of a standardized pain management in a pediatric surgery unit. Prevention of complications is the priority common aim of all professional disciplines involved in the care of children for ORL operations. Bupivacaine versus normal saline for relief of post-adenotonsillectomy pain in children: In case of ED, medicamenteous strategies should be used, e.

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Incidence and risk factors of perioperative respiratory adverse events in children undergoing elective surgery. Which clinical anesthesia operiereh are important to avoid? Fitzgerald M, Beggs S.

Complications of adenotonsillectomy in patients younger than 3 years. Opeerieren results underpin the thesis that both institutional and individual competence can influence the outcome significantly. The only causal therapy of severe bleeding is surgical stopping of the bleeding with concurrent maintenance or restoration of the hemodynamic function and the oxygenation. Nausea and vomiting after surgery under general anesthesia: Kammerbauer N, Becke K.

Anesthesia in children with a cold. Today, however, the pressure to ambulant treatment abmulantes children comes increasingly from quite different sides. From anesthesiological point of view katzlog following circumstances are valid as absolute contraindications for ambulant ORL operations [ 48 ], [ 51 ], [ 52 ], [ 53 ]:.


A pilot study to identify pre- and peri-operative risk factors for airway complications following adenotonsillectomy for treatment of severe pediatric OSA. Risk factors for PONV 201 the infancy are known [ 84 ]: Common causes are viral infections rhino- corona- respiratory syncytial, influenza and parainfluenza virusesvirus invasion in epithelium and mucous membrane of the respirator system lead to an inflammation reaction of the respiratory system way with edema, dyscrinism, bronchoconstriction and generalised sensitisation of the respiratory tract, among other things for volatile anesthestics [ 23 ].

The high dose application 0. Obstructive sleep apnoea concerns approx. Upper respiratory tract infections in the childhood are frequent: Prevention of vomiting after paediatric strabismus surgery: In consideration of the present results and the available evidence the scientific working group on pediatric anesthesia recommends [ 89 ]: Analgesic and respiratory effect of nalbuphine and pethidine for adenotonsillectomy in children with obstructive sleep disorder.

Size of the tonsils as a cause for upper airway obstruction? Ambulsntes, a symptomatic therapy must start immediately, e.

Anesthesia for ORL surgery in children

Influence of anesthesia on immune responses and its effect on vaccination in children: Children with a high activity or temperament level are particularly endangered to suffer from ED [ 97 ], [ 98 ].

A comparison of emergence delirium scales following general anesthesia in children. ORL interventions are the most frequent operations in childhood, even if children are rare patients in an operating theatre. Parents mostly long for being present, even if from literature no advantage for parents, child or anesthetist are evident [ 59 ], [ 60 ].