Lanzarote is a novella by the French author Michel Houellebecq, published in France in from a draft written at an unspecified earlier time. Pedro Blas Gonzalez Lanzarote – Michel Houellebecq See all books by Michel Houellebecq at | Lanzarote is a. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Lanzarote by Michel Houellebecq.

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Lanzarote by Michel Houellebecq.

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Lanzarote is a compact little novella which has it all. All of Michel Houellebecq’s usual concerns and areas of interest, that is: The end of the millennium approaches and the narrator isn’t looking forward to New Year.


Lanzarote: Michel Houellebecq: : Books

He decides to go on a trip. He’s open to most anything — as houelleebcq as it’s not a Muslim country — and he lets himself be talked into Lanzarote, on the Canary Islands.

This desolate landscape most of the eight colour photographs included with the text look like they could have been taken on the moon or Mars attracts a “nebulous variety of tourists”, and it’s as good a place as any for him. The narrator isn’t too brooding; rather, he’s more off-handed in his commentary and observations.

Lanzarote (novel) – Wikipedia

Not much happens or, one suspects, can happen on this island, but he does make the acquaintance of a dreary Belgian police inspector whose Moroccan wife left him and took the kids — thrilled just to find he’s not reviled — as well as two German lesbians who, of course, turn out to be open to a bit more as well There’s some sight-seeing, some frolicking on the beach, some sex-play.

Then there are also the Azraelians, a cult that believes houellbeecq were created in a laboratory by an alien i. Someone converts and joins the gang — and the story continues after the Lanzarote-adventures, when the Azraelians have found themselves involved in an unpleasant and highly publicized sex-trial. Lanzarote is an odd little exotic-trip account.


In part a practise run for The Possibility of an IslandHouellebecq wastes few words here, the story over almost in a flash. As much meditation on life — ennui-filled, lacking purpose and direction even as a new millennium lqnzarote dawned — as any sort of lanzaroote, it doesn’t get too bogged down in detail.

Houellebecq flings out all his usual concerns, but he doesn’t harp on them: Lanzarote isn’t — in any way — substantial, but it’s an interesting and revealing stepping-stone in Houellebecq’s career, and it is certainly very readable. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.