R. Presidente Antônio Carlos Carmo da Cachoeira | MG | Brazil. Cep: Attendance from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. Network-of-Light of Brasilia exhibits books by Trigueirinho at Zen Fair Public talk by Trigueirinho “We and the Mystery of the Water” August 28 -8 p.m. (Brasilia . Além dos livros, Trigueirinho compartilha sua mensagem em palestras semanais que vêm sendo gravadas ao vivo, organizadas em séries e publicadas pela.

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Indiana University Press; Trigueirinhoo University Press; However, in this study, the authors did not include the temporal dimension of oceanographic variables throughout the year, which makes it impossible a deeper discussion of this seasonal distribution that fishermen perceive to sharks. To record fishermen ichthyological knowledge, we used the model of integrating various individual competencies [Hays apud [ 40 ], in which all information supplied are taken into account.

Methods Study area The state of Bahia, in the northeast Brazil, has 1, kilometres of coastal area, divided into 44 municipal areas containing at least fishing communities [ 26 ].

“Shark is the man!”: ethnoknowledge of Brazil’s South Bahia fishermen regarding shark behaviors

This fact contributes to the rich diversity of fish species in the Brazilian coast, with more than recorded species [ 27 ]. Lack M, Sant G. Sixty-five fishermen triigueirinho interviewed.

Data analysis To record fishermen ichthyological knowledge, we used the model of integrating various individual competencies [Hays apud [ 40 ], in which all information trigudirinho are taken into account. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The cultural-historical analysis of shark catches is a recurring example of the way in which humans have been using several populations of sharks around the world [ 9798 ]. In fact, studies conducted on the Brazilian coast have determined that R.

Seventy-one male shark fishing specialists were identified; however, five declined to take part in the study and one was not found. According to Sparre and Venema [ 15 ], tropical marine fish recruitment patterns are generally not well-understood. This is largely due to its peculiar diet and its strong determination to bite anything that looks like food [ 56 ].


When the same information was repeated by the majority of informers, these were taken as memes [ 41 ], which are the shortest verifiable pieces of cultural information, like self-duplicating entities that can be passed on within a certain population by way of speaking [ 42 ]. Rev Gest Cost Integ. Metaphysics energy healing, meditation, Yoga, consciousness and how the valid sciences behind it help or hurt you as you use them everyday – consciously or subconsciously.

Log In Sign Up. On the other hand, there are compasses in This sort of argument is exemplified as follows: Locally managed sea territories in Brazilian coastal fishing. Thus, the knowledge of these social actors, rather than just be considered, should have a central role in the development and adoption of public policies related to participatory management and more suitable for the reality of Brazilian fishing.

Local fishermen usually refer to ,ivros as predators, with the majority The fishermen were naturally predisposed to free the pups caught in the nets because they understand the need to protect sharks in this stage of their lives.

Feeding behaviours are distributed among ten ethological ethnocategories. Local ecological and taxonomic knowledge of snapper fish Teleostei: This is a strong indication that the region is used by these fish to give birth and to nurse their young.

Saberes Tradicionais e Biodiversidade no Brasil, Volume 4. Global catches, exploitation rates and rebuilding options for sharks. The knowledge of the fishermen in southern Bahia about sharks derives from centuries of coexistence between them, either by using the same environment or by the exploitation of this fishery resource.

New Age Spiriitualism

In the situations triguejrinho which whale sharks are touched by divers, the ethological answers are very different; some of the whale sharks seem to tolerate human touch [ 83 ], and others show signs of stress and respond with various types of defensive behaviour [ 84 ].

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Assessing traditional ecological knowledge of whale sharks Rhincodon typus in eastern Indonesia: Feeding behaviour Feeding behaviours trigueirijho distributed among ten ethological ethnocategories. Yokota L, Lessa RP. Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Biosciences Institute; As a consequence, they make an extraordinary contribution to the balance of marine livgos [ 45 ], both by controlling the prey population or by exerting evolutionary pressure as they consume old and sick animals [ 6 ].

In relation to fishery areas, a high amplitude was registered in the bathymetry with the depth ranging between 3 and meters, and in the distance from the coast ranging from 0.

His work puts us in contact with aspects of a new consciousness and with the practice of a fraternal life, of Peace and harmony with the Universe. Global initiatives to conserve elasmobranchs are still modest and not very effective when compared to the degree of threat to which the populations of these animals are exposed [ 7 ]. An unprecedented aggregation of whale sharks, Rhincodon typusin Mexican Coastal waters of the Caribbean Sea.

This expression is commonly used to designate the feeding habits of fish that tear food apart before swallowing it [ 67 ]. Fisherman touching the head of a Rhincodon typus specimen in the south of Bahia, Brazil.


Biodiversidade da fauna marinha profunda na costa central brasileira. However, they report that pups are frequently already dead when caught. Open, semi-structured interviews with shark fishing specialists were conducted between September and October Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interest.