Oct 5, Explore Suzi Houtz’s board “Lloyd Mear Code energetic balancing with Lloyd Mear number for first rays of light i. the morning Sun Rays that are. Print out these switchwords to become more appealing by releasing limitations and producing rare value. The words inside radionic energy circle work as a. This Pin was discovered by Rhoda Randhawa. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Descriptions have been abbreviated and clarified. Having observed earth elements be created, changed or disrupted according to the frequencies around them, he decided to apply the same principle to his own body.

The Codes of Life, LLC compiles new Codes from contributors who desire to take this energy work forward into a searchable, digital environment. So anyone can do this lloyf their own body as the frequency transmitter. I tested them out and sure enough, they work simply by speaking the numbers.

Lloyd Mear, Balancing by the Numbers 05/12 by Mindful Living in the Adk Alps | Health Podcasts

These numerical sequences hold a charge, an intention, and they activate specific frequencies that should be present in a healthy body.

Large amounts of additional information have been added as research was done to clarify and enhance as many descriptions as possible. L loyd Mear, a retired geological engineer, does not claim to be a medical practitioner, health guru, or alternative care provider. They bring the body back online. Sources for new information have been cited. Since its creation, The Codes of Life has reached people on almost every continent! Your cells will use this vibrational energy first before using the chemical communication system of your body.

Add Your Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Calculating Scalar Octaves for Rife Devices. The Codes of Life are a powerful addition to any form of healing art, be it Alternative, Energetic, Chiropractic, Eastern or Western medicine, yet they are simple enough to be used by anyone.


Using applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, the sequence of numbers for the healing code are uncovered. He was lethargic and had no color in his face. After suffering a heart attack and open heart surgery after retirement, Lloyd felt impressed to start creating healing numbers for the very specific damaged parts of his heart, which he was able to heal.

When we met, I was impressed that lloy had done a lot of work to prepare for the session. In Energy Balancing by NumbersLloyd Mear provides the source codes for this vibrational energy in the form of numerical sequences. What started as pages full of thousands of individual numbers is now an ever-growing interconnected digital database of endless healing possibilities supporting a global community of energy healers.

Even more interesting, as I started to lloyf frequency hardware to transmit the frequencies, the colleague pointed out that the spoken energy numbers are not the same as Rife frequencies. Not only mezr Judy now quickly find and use the Codes for her own clients, but Marcy became proficient at healing her own family and friends instead of calling on mom! Healing occurs when there is a shift between the harmonious and disharmonious energies in the body.

New Codes continue to be created by worldwide practitioners and compiled to further expand this energetic work. He was fine for several weeks until one morning he llyod up and the diarrhea returned and I thought “Oh no! His condition was definitely affecting our lives. She went through many Emotion Codes by Dr.

Energy Balancing by Numbers

He had always loved school but did not want to go anymore because he was afraid he would vomit or have an accident. I have a background in the healing arts and it is such a pleasure numbeers see these modalities coming into light with more acceptance and exposure. One of my business partners may he rest in peace numhers said the ultimate frequency transmitter is the human body.


Thank you for being a miracle worker!

In late February he started having diarrhea every day on top of the vomiting. Lynn Posted March 4, 6: By the end of the day he was back to his normal happy and energetic self and the vomiting and diarrhea were gone. Does the book have specific frequencies for vitamins and minerals? A loving and talented healer, Judy has been married for over 50 years, is the mother of seven and the grandmother to many more.

Just before Christmas, my four-year old son started throwing up every night numbbers often during the day. Here we go again! Three weeks after the diarrhea started I llohd him to the doctor who ran many tests and prescribed medication but nothing seemed to help.

To make that shift, you need a way to dialogue with your energetic field. To those interested in greater Healing, The creator of The Codes of Life – Database is a dear numbsrs old friend of mine in which I had no idea that she had grown and developed into such numbees intuitive and helpful healer.