Clariant and Lummus Novolen will jointly invest about CHF 65 million in this new stateof-the-art polypropylene catalyst production line at. Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Lummus Technology licenses its NovolenĀ® gas phase polypropylene (PP) technology for the production of the full range of PP resins. This reliable, versatile .

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Comparative Example 35 Film of the resin of Comparative Example A composition comprising a polymer blend of: When successful, existing and future Lummus Novolen licensees and other polypropylene producers will be supplied with the new catalyst developed by a new state-of-the-art Ziegler-Natta polypropylene catalyst production line.

Y is an element of the 1st to 6th main group or of the 1st to 8th subgroup of the Periodic Table, Q 1 to Q z are radicals with a single negative charge, such as C 1 -C 28 -alkyl, C 6 -C 15 -aryl, alkylaryl, arylalkyl, haloalkyl, haloaryl with in each case from 6 to ljmmus carbon atoms in the aryl radical and from 1 to 28 carbon atoms in the alkyl radical, C 3 -C 10 -cycloalkyl, which may be unsubstituted or substituted with C 1 -C 10 -alkyl groups, or are halogen, C 1 -C 28 -alkoxy, C 6 -C 15 -aryloxy, silyl or mercaptyl, a is an integer from 1 to 6, z is an integer from 0 to 5, and d is the difference a-z, and is greater than or equal to 1.

The sensor returns the haze percent values.

Polypropylene resin composition – Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH

The solution was diluted with 3. It is moreover possible for the component Novoolen used to be aryloxyaluminoxanes, as described in U. The composition of claim 1 wherein said xylene soluble fraction has an intrinsic viscosity of above about 2.

All data were evaluated from this second heating run. The polystyrene standard solution was prepared by dissolving 10 mg of polystyrene of known molecular weight in 10 ml of THF. These oligomeric aluminoxane compounds are generally prepared by reacting a solution of trialkylaluminum with water, as described, inter alia, in EP-A and U. A sample was subjected to the same experimental recipe with the exception that the sample was allowed to settle for another 5 days instead of another 2 hours.


Determination of Hexane Extractables from Cast Films: Improved Ziegler-Natta catalysts and methods of making the improved catalyst are described.

While the above description contains many specifics, these specifics should not be construed as limitations of the invention, but merely as exemplifications of preferred embodiments thereof. The following specifications were used for running the device: The second catalytic component may act as an external electron donor during use, and embodiments herein do not require use of any additional external electron donors to control polymerization and reliably vary the properties of the resulting polymer.

The unreacted monomer is recovered and novoln. I found Clariant in an advertisement. I want to subscribe to the Clariant Newsletter.

Patents Assigned to Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH – Justia Patents Search

Finally, the stiffness of a sealing layer composition, usually expressed in terms of the E-modulus, should be as high as possible in order to provide the film with mechanical strength. In the Novolen process, polymerization is conducted in one or two gas-phase reactors, 1 and 2.

The first solid catalytic component may include: Comparative Examples 30 to 31 Compounds of the produced resins of Comparative Examples 26 to 27 were prepared, extruded and pelletized. Also, as much material as possible should remain unmelted at novllen temperatures in order to ensure dimensional integrity of the sealing nogolen on the substrate layer during processing. These random copolymers need an improvement in SIT. The ratio of solution volume to the total volume of the support material was 1.


X 1X 2 and X 3 are hydrogen, C 1 -C 10 -alkyl, C 6 -C 15 -aryl, alkylaryl, arylalkyl, haloalkyl or haloaryl with in each case from 1 to 10 carbon atoms in the alkyl radical and from 6 to 20 carbon atoms in the aryl radical or fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine, in particular haloaryl, preferably pentafluorophenyl. Any lumps that had formed during the polymerization process were destroyed by grinding the polymer batch in a mill using dry ice in order to keep the material brittle.

These compositions need improvement in the level of extractables, especially in hexane extractables. The balance between SIT and the level of solubles as well as the haze of these compositions need improvement.

Seal strength is a quantitative measure for use in process validation, process control and capability. Suitable ionic compounds with Lewis-acid cations are compounds of the general formula IV: The melt flow rates, C 2 contents, melting points and xylene solubles of the resins of Comparative Examples 37 to 39 were determined from the powder as described above.

Decision of Refusal issued Jun. Comparative Example 32 Film of the resin of Comparative Example The polymerization is carried out in the presence of a metallocene catalyst. No express or implied warranty is made of the merchantability, suitability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise of any product or service.


The exact reaction conditions are listed in Lummis 7. The polymerization can be carried out in one or more stages, in a known manner in bulk, in suspension or in the gas phase, in reactors usually used for polymerizing propylene.

Additives of this type are generally commercially available and are described, for example, in Zweifel Ed.